Highway to hell

September 21st, 2007
This morning I managed to slow down lots more speeding drivers making it safer for all the children. My dressing as santa is quite apt, for these same drivers were getting an early Xmas presant by not getting caught by the speed camera. As I pointed out… more »

Are you from the chaser?

September 20th, 2007
I was asked this afternoon, by a young school boy egged on by his giggling mates. I managed to slow down a lot of drivers in both morning and afternoon school zone times today. Almost every time the traffic starts off again at the Morgan St traffic… more »

He's Back !!!!!!

September 19th, 2007
To stand out a little more, I had to revert back to my santa gear. I can guarantee that very few speeding drivers got past me this morning's and afternoon school zone time, endangering school children. Most drivers were receptive and grateful,though one… more »

"Don't speed and you won't get caught"

September 19th, 2007
"Don't speed and you won't get caught." This is what was Our Premier Mr Iemma was reported to have said, and was in an article yesterday in the St George and Sutherland shire Leader. This was presumably when asked about all the thousands being caught at… more »

I can't believe it.

September 18th, 2007
This morning my van sign was back in it's spot at Beverly Hills and once again I stood near the speed camera to see if there were any transgressors. Even with the sign and the large RTA trailer speed camera warning sign up the road 20 cars tripped the… more »

It works.

September 17th, 2007
At 8.00 am this morning I unfolded my sign and walked down to the camera to see how many times it flashed during this school zone time. Last Monday it went off 68 times. With my sign to remind drivers, it flashed 12 times during this morning's school… more »

It's not fair.

September 17th, 2007
I read in the Sunday paper that there are now 5000 drivers in the class action. This is terrible. All these hoons racing down King Georges Rd endangering children. I was having doubts about using my sign to try and help the RTA, but if I can slow just… more »

Help is on the way

September 15th, 2007
Giving the drama at Beverly hills some thought, maybe I have been wrong, and it's not the fault of the RTA at all. All the fanciful ideas I've written about,in previous pages on this site, ideas that might help drivers and school children, the e-mails… more »

2000 and counting

September 13th, 2007
This was the front page story in today's St George and Sutherland Shire Leader This one of the e mails that came today I have asked the writer to ring me, and I trust he doesn't mind me adding it to the site.… more »

Bring out school zone santa?

September 13th, 2007
Last year Mr Peter Olsen installed his own flashing lights at schools in the Lurgano / Peakhurst. A set of "Olsen" flashing lights, notice the car's brake lights. The RTA promptly torn them down. Peter put them back up with media present. The RTA took… more »

This is what's needed

September 11th, 2007
What is needed at King Georges and Edgbaston Beverly Hills is get one of these flashing light units and put it where this school zone sign is on the right and I would say that would help with the school zone "speeding" for drivers heading south. Drivers… more »

Premier gets tough

September 10th, 2007
Premier Barry O'Farrell has tried to get tough on graffiti vandals but was voted down in Parliament Shooters' graffiti move http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/ofarrell-livid-over-shooters-graffiti-move-20110826-1jeh6.html… more »

It had to happen

September 7th, 2007
"It's deadly" said a passerby this morning when he saw me watching the South camera at the Beverly Hills school zone. Between 8 am and 9.30 am I counted the camera flash 68 times. 68 drivers allegedly going faster than 40 kmh during school zone time,and… more »

As I expected

September 4th, 2007
On Monday 3 Sept I had a look at the new variable speed camera at the school zone on King Georges Rd Beverly Hills. I was there from 8.10 till 9.10am and even though there is a large computor warning sign on a trailer at he start of the school zone… more »

Beverly Hill Blues

August 30th, 2007
On 2Gb this afternoon Mrs Santa heard a male driver bemoan the fact he had been caught on one of the new school zone speed cameras. My wife understood he had come into the zone from an side street without flashing lights. On the 25/7/07 when I first… more »

From near and far.

August 29th, 2007
A couple of questions I ask customers in conversation are, "what do you think about school zones" and "have you ever been caught?" I was doing a job in Vucluse this afternoon for a "Lady" Di, and she told me she had been caught, and guess where, at the… more »

Not enough Fines?

August 21st, 2007
This article was in The Daily Telegraph yesterday. Notice that this article doesn't mention anything at all about Flashing lights. .................................................................... I e-mailed this for the Telegraph's letters page… more »

and there's more

August 15th, 2007
There were witches hats aplenty on the Kingsway at Mirand today as workmen are busy installing speed cameras on both sides of the road . On one side and on the other side This is at the school zone where a couple of months ago all three independant… more »


August 4th, 2007
I saw another school zone about to get a speed camera and was told by a "reliable source" that there were another sixty coming in the metropolitan area. This one is on Forest rd at Hurstville, near Croydon st. There are Flashing lights at that school… more »

No more news

August 2nd, 2007
This article was in the Telegraph on 25/3/07 I thought at the time, a great idea,and wrote the next day on this web site "but it has to get past the RTA." Later I was told by someone involved, that the RTA wasn't that ethusiastic about the whole idea. A… more »

Not again

July 31st, 2007
This morning once again, the flashing light unit on the left isn't working. The last time it didn't work (that I noticed) was on the 16/7/07. .................................................................. The new "spare" lights on the Princes… more »


July 30th, 2007
The RTA is quiet busy re school zones. The faulty light I saw on Friday afternoon at Blakehurst was working this morning, but was it very efficent repair work or could it be a timer problem? The long school zone taking in all of the Beverly Hills… more »

They did warn you.

July 28th, 2007
When I first saw the speed cameras being installed at Beverly Hills, coming from Hustville on King Georges rd at the start of the school zone, the RTA had in place a trailer mounted computor sign warning motorists of the speed cameras. Sadly they… more »

Yet another one bites the dust

July 27th, 2007
I drove through Beverly hills on the way home this afternoon to see if the new speed cameras are working, ..........not as yet. Then coming up to the Blakehurst Mater Dei school zone on King Georges Rd the yard arm flashing light was working, but not… more »

That was quick

July 18th, 2007
The Blakehurst non working flashing light I saw on Monday was working this morning. So was it repaired or is it an intermittant fault? more »

You missed one

July 16th, 2007
Over the school holidays the two flashing light units that weren't working at Blakehurst have been fixed.(scroll down for details) But one that was on the blink earlier this year at the same school is kaput again. Last time it failed one light was stuck… more »


July 8th, 2007
Our council revamped the Sylvania shopping strip on The Princes highway and no doubt to please the green vote put up a row of solar powered street lights. There are five left and two are minus the solar panel. Solar power has its place, but I don't… more »

Sun's out and so is school.

June 29th, 2007
We've had a bit of sunshine but the two solar powered flashing lights at Blakehurst were still not working this afternoon, so it might be something else thats wrong with them, not just lack of solar rays. Well now that it's school holidays, there's a… more »

And another one bites the dust

June 27th, 2007
At 2.40 pm this afternoon, the north end of the Blakehurst Mater Dei school zone on the Princes Highway, had this non flashing light. So that's two flashing light units not working at this one school at the moment, how many are there that I don't know… more »

Best to have a spare.

June 26th, 2007
This afternoon driving back from Hurstville about 3.00pm on King Georges rd Blakehurst, I noticed this just south of Terry st. There are two separate, independant lights units, although the photo doesn't show that, but why there needs to be two, who… more »