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The wheels of the RTA grind slowly

December 19th, 2010
At long last after three and a half years, 4 emails to then Roads Minister Roozendaal, one to the next Roads Minister Micheal Daly and a copy of the same which I handed to him personally, and then an email about the same subject to the next Roads Minist… more »

RTA reply

January 11th, 2009
THis reply came in answer to a copy of an email I personaly handed to the roads Minister when he was at Peakhurst see : _____________________________________________________________________… more »

I'm a pensioner

September 24th, 2007
A chap came up to me after I'd set up my sign and he had been caught also. He said he was sure was sure that he hadn't been speeding. "Get the photo" I said. "I can't afford to, I'm a pensioner." A young mother carrying a toddler who was wide eyed at… more »