June 14th, 2018

 Yesterday I recieved this email.  I'm sorry Iwill show it when I can work out how to make it smaller to upload it. 

top half.pdf


lower half.pdf

 MR Mc Sweeney tells me clearway signs on Kingsgrove rd, (that I've never mentioned) are the responsibility of 3 differant councils. 

To make sure who owns our local Princes Highway signs, I've just been up to Sutherland concil and was assured that the new yellow clearway signs between Sutherland and the Tom Ugles Bridge belong to the RMS. 

 When I showed the lady a photo one of her own of her council's sign with the same bracket problem she asked " Can you read the sign?"

It doesn't matter it seems how they present, but as long as you can read the instuctions.

I rang Georges River council and they don't have yellow clearway signs on Kingsgrove road, and anyway"clearway signs are the responsibility of the RMS"



 In his email to me Mr. McSweeny does however state that " Councils install and maintain signs in their areas, which are fixed in place in accordance with Australian Standards."

 What sort of Australian standrd do th RMS adher to, when after less than a year after instalation they look like this....

                                                                                                         This one in Sylvania and


                                                                                                              this one was on Ryde Rd. Gordon 

 To be continued.......

30 degrees

May 28th, 2018

The time to switch on the desalination plant at Kurnell to supplement Sydney's water supply, is when the water level in Warragamba Dam is at 30% capacity.

It appears the RMS has the same sort of approach with it's new Hi-Vis yellow clearway signs.

Only the really bad drooping signs were re-adjusted recently in the Sutherland to Carrs Park section

By co incidence this one in Sylvania mentioned two pages ago, looking as above,

now looks like this,

but the photo below of a sign not far away, it appears is not at the correct angle yet to qualify remedial action

Push up the bad ones .....again

May 21st, 2018

Well there's been movement at the station..

Some of the worst droopy clearway signs on the Sutherland to Blakehurst section of old white to new Hi-Vis yellow clearway signs have had some attention

This photo taken earlier this year of one on the Princes Highway at Gymea, now looks like this

to make sure it doesn't come down again a little coach screw was added under the bracket

Which is all very well as long as the wind doesn't blow the sign up as happened up North as I pointed out in a previous page


I will take photos of other wonky signs between Blakehurst and Sutherland that weren't " bad" enough it seems, to warrant attention.


May 1st, 2018

This morning 1st May on the way back from Rockdale I took these two photos .
Two from the many examples on the Princes highway.

First one of the old white clearway signs opposite Wheeler St Carlton

and then one of the many new yellow ones on the lean.
This one in Sylvania

Timeline of one new clearway sign

April 19th, 2018







Someone wise once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.  

Once apon a time someone at the  RMS decided that the white clearway signs that line major roads needed a new look, as they were looking a bit sad and down cast

"Let's make them a bright yellow so they really stand out". could have been what someone in a  RMS think tank suggested. 

Sure enough in August 2015 I noticed nice new Hi-Vis yellow clearway signs on the Princes Highway between Blakehurst and Sutherland, and wrote a letter to  The Sutherland  Shire Leader, our local paper.

Well I suppose  having nice new shiny signs that all could see, is progress of sorts ....

But it wasn't long beforefor all to see, that  the new signs started to look like the old white ones

 This photo was taken on 21/9/2016 Princes  Highway Sylvania

 Why do the new signs look that way ? 

Simply because the bracket is fastened to the pole with one bolt, and gravity takes over.

  Emails, phone calls, letters to the Roads Minister, have not really made a differance and from Kinsgrove to St Ives,   there are Hi- Vis yellow signs at untidy unprofessional angles.

This one was the worst of many on  Ryde rd Gordon 



  Sure after my whinging, contractors push them back up again. 

  Here's a timeline of just one sign on the Princes Highway opposite Southgate Sylvania

Swapped from white to new Hi-Vis yellow August 2015


April 2016    .... Down


November 2016..... Up

5 January 2017.... down again

 So I added something extra for passing traffic and

 guess what I'm repeating myself here is an earlier page with more photos


Head office

April 11th, 2018

I have just spoken to a lady at The Minister's electoral office asked her to look at this website. I explained that the clearway signs droop because of one bolt and she asked 
"Why don't they put the bolt in the middle?"

"It seems going by the reply last week from another  staff member " Why don't they use two bolts?"

there's common sense in Kempsey but not in the big smoke.

 The lady is sending a link to this website and my email  address to the city office, and I expect that after two years wasting ( it appears) time on this a, prompt reply.

New Section, more drama

April 5th, 2018

April 6

I have just got off the phone from someone in Minister Pavey's Kempsey office, and told him about my concerns about the  clearway signs. 

Why don't they use two bolts, was his reply, when I said the signs droop because of one fixing bolt

What a common sense question from a electoral office staffer.

I hope he personally speaks to the Minister.

If I was working in an Electoral office for a minister, and someone rang to tell him of a potentially  embarrassing situation,   I would think,  what he is saying, could that bring unwanted bad pubicity?

Not that a crooked sign is earth shattering, but the fact that it's gone on for so long, and the thousands of signs which will be replaced, and this waste of tax- payers money is not taken seriously.

If I was working in the Minister's home office I'm sure I would be able to speak to Melinda without going through the minions in the city and say,

" Hi Melinda,  it's ( add name)  here from Kempsey office, look there's this nut that keeps driving around, and taking photos of  poorly (newly) installed clearway signs.

 He puts all these photos on his website www.schoolzonesanta.com

 There's one sign in Sylvania that he has dated photos of, that has been pushed up to the horizontal 3 times by RMS staff, and is on the lean again.  

The fact is that as the website shows, he has  for over two years  tried to get the RMS to direct contractors who are replacing old clearway signs to put TWO bolts in the sign  so they stay horizontal.  It seems that this person  won't be fobbed of with  a "Thank you for ringing we'll look into it ( sort of standard reply) that's sent in about three months."

Over to you office staff person, don't leave it to the .....

" I have been asked to reply on the ministers behalf.........".

 Give the Minister a ring.

You might even get a promotion for saving a lot of taxpayers hard- earned money.


Back in November 2008 I handed a copy of an email I had sent to the Roads Minister at the time a Mr Micheal Dalley  because I didn't get a reply.

We had conga line of roads Ministers in a very short time Scully,Costa, Roozendal, Dalley, and Mr Borger.

The email I sent that was not acknowledged in a timely manner, was my asking for an set of flashing lights to be put on a school zone sign (already there) to remind drivers  sitting at the traffic lights at the Beverly Hills Station heading South, it's school zone time.

So I handed the Roads Minister the email, ( he did step back, rather smartly, maybe thinking it was a summons ) He read the email and said;

"I can't do anything about that." 

He is the Roads Minster, at the top of the roads pile, and "he can't do anything about that"????

 I sent an email to Mr Borger when he took over the Roads chair, and guess what, the sign was replaced with the flashing light model and moved slightly South.



 I said please.


 When I had the above sign up a bloke slowed down and yelled "or else what?".

 So I changed it so even he would understand

                       I spent a fortnight at Beverly Hills  and the common sense set of flashing lights did come


will all the new HI-Vis yellow clearway signs get a better bracket or at least an extra bolt?


I've just sent a message to Ms Pavey city office  outlining the stuff above and asking for a explaination why the old brackets are still being used.


The saga continues

Easter Monday we went to visit friends on Scotland Island., and I couldn't help noticing that the RMS has replaced another section of old white clearway signs with the new HI-Vis yellow ones.

Last time I drove through this section of King Geoges rd, was on 15 Feb this year, not even two months ago.

So that means the old white ones were swapped for the new Hi- Vis yellow model, between Feb 15th and  April 3rd and you guessed it, the droop is on already.


 Yes these two, which have featured on many  pages since 2016 are now replaced with high-Vis yellow ones

 Great, these two are now yellow but still have the old bracket with one coach bolt which if not tightened enough will let the sign droop,  and right across the road guess what, the tilt is on

                                                                   Further South less than 2 months since signs were replaced. 


 I know it's not too bad yet,but how long before it looks like these two old ones (below) I saw near Lachlan st Milperra rd. last Sunday .

This  Milperra duo looks similar to the first photo of this page don't they?

I have said, and emailed many times that the old bracket used for clearway signs by the DMR, the RTA, and still by the RMS with only one fixing point doesn't work.

 But then it's understandable, when a football stadium at Moore Park that is only 3o years old, built under the oversight of a NSW Government, has to be torn down and rebuilt, that another Government Department  (the RMS) can't get a clearway sign put up properly using a bracket that doesn't do the job. 


The Moore Park Stadium, 30 years old and is to be " knocked down and rebuilt for over a Billion Dollars

. "rusty roof, not enough toilets " two of the reasons given to spend a billion dollars.

Who cares,  it's only taxpayer's money

 Having to go back to  "review and adjust" ( as an RMS wrote in an email to me) the clearway signs after the likes of me  points out the bleeding obvious problem without doing something about fixing the bleeding obvious, is just wasting hard earned taxpayers money.

 Use two fixing points on the signs. 

 I heard the roads Minister on Ray Hadley's show this week .   We'll raise the fine for people who climb on the bridge she said

The fine is $10,000 for climbing on the Golden Gate Bridge she gave as an example of a deterrant. 

The first thing that came into my mind was, tell that to a person with a mental illness.

To stop a person climbing onto the bridge a physical barrier is needed, not a fine.

To stop a clearway sign from drooping  is to use two fixing points.


What is so difficult?????


 How far up the chain in the RMS does the incompentance go?


Walking home this morning along Waratah  St. Kirrawee, after dropping my daughter's car in for a service.





I noticed a Sutherland Council Parking sign which is mounted on a bracket, the same design that the RMS persists in using.

I think it's nearly time to get out the santa suit. I have been very patient and respectful but even a staunch liberal voter has a limit.

I went to about 8 carbon tax rallies


The monday after we lost.


I have some, on the spectrum ideas how to get my website's url into the public eye.   

That's the thing about websites,  anyone clicking on can what has happened when I've tried to save

tax-payer money.

I once emailed a Premier, forget who, and said it must be very difficult running NSW  with only so

much money coming in, and everbody wanting some.

So you must not WASTE it.


I had 6 of these out before a recent election and even Ray Hadley mentioned it on his show.

Not that I did it to get on ray's show . When I was approached by a reporter at Kogarah in 2005, he asked me my name. "School zone santa ," I said  No your real name he asked. I'm not here for me I said, but for the hundreds of drivers who get booked at school zones who don't know it's school zone time   School zones need flashing lights. If a driver speeds in a flashing light school zone they don't deserve a license. 


to be continued......


Same old same old

February 12th, 2018


 Did the same person that designed those stable doors in NZ, get a job in the RMS  (nee RTA nee DMR) ?


This "near new"  clearway sign on the Princes Highway Miranda ( going south), stands proud and loud, advertising  RMS compentance in putting up a simple sign.


I drove up to Pymble yesterday to see how the clearway signs were holding up there


This one near Kendall st caught my eye, it was pointing up. It had been re-arranged once before and as you can see in the next photo it has a small coach bolt that stops the bracket fom pivoting down past the horizontal.

But  the one fixing  bolt the bracket has, is so loose that Pymble winds have blown the sign  up, and there it stayed.


Until I eased it back into a near horizontal position.


Over the Princes Highway along Mona Vale Rd through St Ives there are a growing number of New Hi-Vis yellow clearway signs developing jaunty angles.

 Below are just two of the many, vividly displaying RMS ineptness (new buzz word)













Maybe this year?

January 5th, 2018

Back in August 2015     

I first saw the new HI-Vis yellow clearway signs that replaced the old white ones and wrote to the leader.

I did call it "stupidity" and then the  lack of common sense showed itself  soon after.


More of the same.

November 12th, 2017

  He'll give up in time.

This is what they thought about a Barrister in Perth.

In 2010 he asked questions abut the citizenship  status of a Mr Abbot and a certain Ms Gillard.

Earlier this year he inquired about the citizen status of a Green's senator Scott Ludlam.

Mr Ludlam resigned from the Senate 48 hours later, as he was still a Kiwi.

The Weekend Austraian today, has an article explaining it all.

"Ludlam's nemisis on scalps he's claimed, others he's after"

 Is my clearway sign mission (as my wife calls it) worth the bother?

I said right from the beginning of this new sign rollout, that the way of mounting the new hi-Vis yellow signs needs a rethink.  

 Now they're putting up more signs where they are not necessary.

Why oh why are clearway/towaway signs needed on the Bangor by-pass


There are 4 of the signs between the start of the by pass and where the Bangor traffic enters.


This just wastfull madness. 

No one parks on the by-pass.

Maybe because of a breakdown, but park and walk off?

I think not.



 Who is running this circus?



Does it have to come to this?

October 25th, 2017

Another less than common sense on display 
I noticed as I was driving more and more number plates that were hard to read on cars.  

Colour combinations like black numerals on a red back ground, or dark blue with black letters . So I emailed the road Minister at the time, Mr Gay



Yesterday I spoke to someone,and he had a look at this clearway sign thing on this website.

He asked why do you bother?

Yes it is a small thing in the big scheme of things and it is small, why does it take so long to fix?

 I'll ring Harry .


  I did try to ring Mr Harry Liaw today Thursday 26/10  but line is dead .

So I looked in Linkedin for contact details of Mr Terry McSweeney, the Principal Manager at the bottom of my email, and sent him a note.

With this website URL



My wish is simple is for every new yellow clearway sign have  two fixing points onto poles so they,( the signs) remain horizontal.

 Common sense?

To be continued............

and who pays?

October 20th, 2017



In May this year I sent the below letter in a stamped envelope to the Roads Minister.

I was told by her Kempsey office that it was received


Dear Minister Pavey,

I'm very sorry to bother you as this letter should not have been necessary, but as other options don't seem to have made a satisfactory  difference, I'll try again.

 The RMS is renewing the old white clearway signs on major roads with new HI- Vis yellow ones, but the old brackets used to hold up the white ones didn't work, and they don't work on the new ones either.

My website  www.schoolzonesanta.com has many photos showing examples and explaining the problem.

Something has to be done before the new yellow signs are rolled out across NSW

 Please spend a couple of minutes to have a look at my site, or if too busy, delegate someone with a bit of common sense, and who can get something done, to fix this very simple problem.

 These are two examples of the old white clearway signs on Roberts Road Greenacre

 And the two above, are less than a year old, and were on display advertising RMS incompetence in  Hi-Vis yellow, on the Princes Highway Gymea.

 Many more examples on www.schoolzonesanta.com

 Thank you for your time.

 Yours faithfully,

  Hans Stephens


That letter was sent in May 

Today September 20 I received this email



 The RMS  " is working with its maintenance provider DM roads to fix clearway signage"

So if I see the result of other incompentent installation of clearway signs I ring in, and Harry will get them fixed. 

I think maybe the signs should be put up properly in the first place.

I can't always get to Dubbo, the Blue Mountains, or other locations in NSW to check and report on shoddy RMS contractor's work. 

So will the new yellow ones  (unless I get out and about more) end up looking like the white ones?

 I did ring "Harry" on the number provided but the line didn't work for me 


The 2-3 year old Hi-Vis yellow clearway signs between Sutherland and Blakehurst are starting to droop again.

The photo below I took today 22 Oct  017 and there are scores more on the way down.

I think the problem is gravity!!!!!!!




This lot have "fixed" 3 times, as posts on this website over the last two years have documented, and should not need fixing.


A post I wrote when new signs went up in Ryde and Gordon




and this post was November 2015




As I said clearway signs put up less than two years ago  should not need to be " fixed." 

I ask the question who pays?


to be continued....................

Traffic report

October 15th, 2017


Every weekday morning one of the traffic holdups mentioned on 2GB's traffic report is "slow traffic on the Woronora bridge leading up to Sutherland.

It is also a nightmare on Saturday mornings.

So what have we on the Sutherland overpass? 

Clearway signs on this two lane main artery onto the Princes highway .


Which means one can block off one lane legally with a registered motor bike (or even my registered box trailer) from 10 am till 3 pm 5 days a week, and have to take them  inside between 9am and 6 pm on Sat/ Sun and public holidays.

One explaination could be that there will be no standing signs added sometime later.

But why have clearway signs when you can't stand there anyway?

The RMS wastes money in obvious ways.

 By the way the covered signs on this same overpass in my previous page


are uncovered, but the Tow truck signs have gone.

The RMS as I said wastes money in obvious ways and in Hi-Vis.



 And  now the clearway signs without the extra weight of the tow truck sign  are now  horizontal .... for the moment at least.


To be continued

Not learning

October 11th, 2017

As part of the $121 million clearway program the RMS is going to do a fair bit of work on the Princes Highway in the Sutherland/Kirrawee area.

 A start has been made, and new Hi-Vis yellow clearway signs have been put up in preparation of this  work.

 A number of these signs have caught my eye.

So new are they,  that  wording is still covered.

Will they stay up till  the work is finished and the masked wording is uncovered?



One example

                                                            And another

                                                                                                                                                                   What can I say.

                                                                                         What sort of contractors

                                                                                            are hired by the RMS?

Not good

September 26th, 2017

On the Princes Highway between Blakehurst and Sutherland  many many of the new Hi-Vis clearway signs have been  re-adjusted at least 3 times,  as previous pages on this website show since 2015.

Many of these again are slowly getting the droopy look, the worst is this one in Gymea of which I took a photo of this morning.

Slowly under the weight of the bracket with it's one bolt many others will end up looking the same.
to be continued.....


Contact Details

September 22nd, 2017

I have just spoken to a nice young lady in the Road Minister's Kempsey office.

We had a very amiable chat about badly mounted new Hi-Vis clearway signs.

This has gone on for over two years.

I've waited patiently (since May) for a reply to a stamped, posted letter repeating my concerns to the Minister.

Minister Pavey at a National Party Conferance in Broken Hill, or was it Alice Springs earlier this year, said that she wanted value for money.

She was refering to the high cost of fly in fly out road workere on a local highway project.

I don't think the waste on this $121.000.000  clearway program is great value for money.

 I'm too old to climb up ladders on the side of the road to put up posters.

What I would like is for someone from the RMS to come with me to see for themself the pathetic way this is being handled since  2015



No Signs

September 22nd, 2017


Federal Government

 $125 million for a fence around Parliament House
Which even Politicians, are now starting to question the cost and the appearance.
NSW Government plan to spend $121 Million to replace white clearway signs with Hi-Vis yellow ones
old ones 
new ones
 As the last two years of pages on this website show this hasn't worked  too well

Yesterday afternoon I drove North along Ryde Rd towards the Pacific Highway.

The traffic was bad, stop go from Ryde.

While stuck in this traffic I noticed that some Hi-Vis yellow signs had an extra screw in  the top edge.

 then others had no bracket and were fastened to the pole with two baby screws



Which I suppose would do for a while,


but one of these reafixed signs looked like

this side on,  Daylight

between the sign and the pole


"text-align: left;"> 



I suggest a small coach bolt be used, with washers

to take up uneveness at the fixing surface of the pole.

To make matters worse in a row of these newly fastened signs was this one


Which reminds me of an old one I saw on the way today.



Why my signs?

September 20th, 2017


 I did have posters to put up and this post was prepred before the page above


 The reason for my posters is simple.

As the pages of the last couple of years show, is that I have done my best to get a bit of common sense in how to fasten a clearway sign to a pole.

That the $121 million being spent on a "clearway program" to get rid of the white clearway signs and putting up Hi-Vis yellow ones using the same bracket is ridiculous.

The pages are a bit repeditive, but they show in Hi-Vis incompentence by the RMS from Minister Belinda Pavey down.


I sent this letter to Road Minister Pavey (with a stamp) in May this year and no response.


Dear Minister Pavey,

I'm very sorry to bother you as this letter should not have been necessary, but as other options don't seem to have made a satisfactory  difference, I'll try again.

 The RMS is renewing the old white clearway signs on major roads with new HI- Vis yellow ones, but the old brackets used to hold up the white ones don't work, and they don't work on the new ones either.

My website  www.schoolzonesanta.com has many photos showing examples and explaining the problem.

Something has to be done before the new yellow signs are rolled out across NSW

 Please spend a couple of minutes to have a look at my site, or if too busy, delegate someone with a bit of common sense, and who can get something done to fix this very simple problem.

 These are two examples of the old white clearway signs on Roberts Road Greenacre

 And the two above, are less than a year old, and were on display advertising RMS incompetence in  Hi-Vis yellow, on the Princes Highway Gymea.

 Many more examples on www.schoolzonesanta.com

 Thank you for your time.

 Yours faithfully,

  Hans Stephens


Her office told me that they did receive it.

Try once more

July 10th, 2017


Since November 2015 I have been  having "my say" on one aspect of the above $121 million clearway program, as can be seen in many previous pages on this website

  These are three of the many, many examples of what the new Hi-Vis yellow clearway signs look like  only a few months after erection. 

November 2015 between Blakehurst and Sutherland the old white clearway signs were replaced with new ones.

      A few months later began to look like this one below.

 Then between Victoria Rd Ryde and the Pacific Highway Pymble, the old white clearway signs were replaced along Ryde Rd

                                                                and soon they began looking like this

                         Then this year 2017 Mona Vale rd from the Pacific highway through St Ives had it's

clearway sign upgrade to Hi-Vis yellow

                              and these are some  is one examples


The bracket with one bolt into

the pole did no work with

the white signs, and they don't

work with the new signs


Sometimes the only way to get change


is to shine a brighter light


on the subject






There will be no------

June 29th, 2017
 Prime Minister Julie Gillard lost her job with one statement.
For Gillard to bring in a carbon tax after she did get in, after making the above statement was wrong. I went to many carbon tax rallies.
If you believe that something is wrong don't just say "They should do something about it".....do something!

People should be  now marching in the streets with what is happening with power and gas prices.

But no, leave it to "They" 


Defcon 2

June 29th, 2017

We had lunch at Mona Vale today with our friends from Scotland Island.

Driving to and from Mona Vale I couldn't help but notice the new Hi-Vis yellow clearway signs adorning power poles along the road from St Ives to Rookwood, and saw that the erectal dysfuntion of the new hi- vis signs persists.

As I have mentioned before over the last couple of years, I'm sorry but the brackets used by Councils and the RMS do not work.


A month has past and no acknowledgement

June 6th, 2017

I sent a letter( with a postage stamp) to NSW Road Minister Pavey a month ago and followed up (as detailed in my last post) with a phone call to her Electoral Office.

They did get my letter.

Last week in my mailbox (on the street) there was a expensive foldout brochure from the RMS detailing work proposed, and already done in the Sutherland Shire

$121 million is being spent on a "Clearway Program which aims to reduce congestion and delays on Sydney's roads."

Reduce congestion?

Hmmm won't clearway sign installing contractors or RMS workers cause congestion and delay when they have to" review and adjust" clearway signs hanging off poles at ridiculous angles
on a regular basis ???

The one above was in  in the Blakehust to Sutherland section, the section which has been  "reviewed and adjusted"  three times, since new, and they were newly installed July 2015.

and above is a fine example of Roads and Marintime professionalism was/is (I'll check) on Ryde road Ryde and is about two years old.


Defcon 3

May 10th, 2017


I am starting to get sick of this


I first saw the new style Hi- Vis yellow clearway signs when  the RMS contractors took the old white ones down between Blakehurst and Sutherland and put up these very bright replacements,  which have been re-adjusted to the horisontal, twice since first erected.

The one in the photo above is on the Princes Highway Gymea, and when it's "reviewed and fixed" that'll be three times in two years that clearway signs on this section have had to be fixed.

As the many previous pages of this website show, the RMS has an erection dysfunction problem with these signs.


I drove to  Hurstville yesterday and to again show RMS erection dysfunction I took this photo on King Georges Rd Blakehurst.

On display  as you can see, are three droopy old style white clearway signs and a large clearway sign which has three of the same useless brackets, which just aren't doing the job.


I sent this letter to Road Minister Pavey (a letter whith a postage stamp)




    Melind Pavey  Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight



Dear Minister Pavey,

I'm very sorry to bother you as this letter should not have been necessary, but as other options don't seem to have made a satisfactory  difference, I'll try again.

 The RMS is renewing the old white clearway signs on major roads with new HI- Vis yellow ones, but the old brackets used to hold up the white ones don't work, and they don't work on the new ones either.

My website  www.schoolzonesanta.com has many photos showing examples and explaining the problem.

Something has to be done before the new yellow signs are rolled out across NSW

 Please spend a couple of minutes to have a look at my site, or if too busy, delegate someone with a bit of common sense, and who can get something done to fix this very simple problem.

 These are two examples of the old white clearway signs on Roberts Road Greenacre

 And the two above, are less than a year old, and were on display advertising RMS incompetence in  Hi-Vis yellow, on the Princes Highway Gymea.

 Many more examples on www.schoolzonesanta.com

 Thank you for your time.

 Yours faithfully,

  Hans Stephens


I waited over a week and then rang the Minister's electoral office in Kempsey, and yes the lady who answered remembered my letter, and passed it on to Macquarie St. She hadn't looked at this site. Let's hope someone does.

 The opening sentence at the top of this page says,  " I'm starting to  get sick of this."

The first time I brought up this obvious problem with clearway signs,  (November 2015) something should have been done.

 To be continued----------------------


Here we go again.

April 29th, 2017


On Easter Sunday we visited friends on Scotland Island, and a great day was had by all.

Being an observant sort of chap on the way home I noticed that the new Hi-Vis yellow clearway signs near Epping rd on Ryde Rd, featured on my previous page, haven't been" reviewed", or after reviewing, haven't been "adjusted" as yet.

More worrying is this one, on the brand  new section between Pymble and St. Ives on Mona vale Rd, also mentioned in the previous page.

This dysfunctional sign is opposite Church St and as usual it has the standard bracket with the one bolt,

not holding up the sign.

And if things can't get worse, things are still going awry with clearway signs between Blakehurst, and

Sutherland, the ones that started all this unnecessary nonsense.

The ones that were put up about two years ago and been "reviewed and fixed" three times .


This lastest erection dysfunction is on the Princes Highway going South, just before the Boulevarde at Gymea, which is on it's way down,

Yes I say it's nonsense, because the job should've be done properly in the first place.


How long is this going to happen,  will it be all over NSW?


 If I don't point out this continuing mismanagement of tax payer dollars, what would happen? 


I suppose the new style of clearway signs could  end up looking like the old white ones


as pictured


 The question is, do the  RMS  "preferred" contractors who initionaly  put up the new Hi-Vis yellow signs, go back to" re-adjust" the dyfunctional ones, OR  are your normal maintenence RMS chaps go out to redo the job.

In other words who pays, the "preferred " contracters, or the RMS ,..... US?


 I will write to the Roads Minister


To be continued.

Ryde rd. Gordon revisited

April 4th, 2017



After receiving an email from the RMS saying that the clearway sign contracters have been directed to "review and adjust" the signs, I drove over there yesterday to have a look.

The three clearway signs above, which could be seen from the one spot at Cultowa and Ryde road Gordon, have been straightened, and an extra bolt has been added under each of the brackets, to hold them up.

Great, well done, super, "reviewed" and "adjusted"



But what about these signs a few kilometers south, that I saw on the way home on the same Ryde Rd, not far south of  Epping rd?




 Maybe those ones haven't been "reviewed" yet.


I noticed today on one of those big electronic overhead signs, that there are now new clearway signs on Mona Vale Rd between Pymble and St Ives.

Will those have a better attaching method, I wonder?


To be continued......................................


From the Road Minister's Office

March 21st, 2017

 I emailed the new road minister on the 25th of January, and today ( March 21st) a reply came, here's an extract



        Roads and Maritime Services has advised the new 'Clearway' signs in some sections
 had been fitted incorrectly. Roads and Maritime has directed their maintenance contractor
 to review and adjust signs that were not properly fitted.

    Roads and Maritime contractors are required to follow strict specifications when placing
signage. For more information about road signage and their design, you may visit the Roads
and Maritime website at www.rms.nsw.gov.au ? search 'traffic signs'.

I hope this has been of assistance


" To review and adjust signs that were not properly fitted"

 How often are signs reviewed, and re-adjusted?

Why do signs  need to be reviewed, and re-adjusted ?

Why,  because using the same bracket that was used to put up the old white clearway signs,

sadly doesn't work with the new Hi-Vis yellow ones either.






To be continued.........


From the NSW Premier's Office

March 6th, 2017



'I emailed the NSW Premier's office on Saturday 4th March giving my website url, and, explaining that I haven't had a reply from the Roads Minister about my concerns about clearway signs



From: NSW Premier
Sent: 2017-03-04 18:55:21
To: premier@nsw.gov.au
Subject: This is not spam, please take seriously


Subject: This is not spam, please take seriously






11/3/017 I haven't had a reply from the Road Minister's office.

So I'll try once more.

For how long will they stay up

March 5th, 2017

Driving toward Blakehurst this morning I noticed something different.

The first sign of change was at Box rd and the Highway


From this


                        To this 




 The clearway sign at the Gymea vet had gone from this






                                                                                                             to a much better this.  So much better


This clearway sign opposite Southgate has been straightened twice

The first time I took  photo of this sign was on 23 March 016






                                                                                                 and it  had been "adjusted"  (was pushed up)  

                                                                                     as shown in  this photo taken on 3  November 2016 



                                                                            on the 3 Jan 017  less than 2 months later I took this

                                                                                                     So  I added  something for the commutor traffic



and 4 weeks later  its been again re-adjusted, this time with a little help from a extra bolt under the bracket, just to make sure

 So an extra bolt was added under the bracket to hold it up.

 and even with the extra supporting bolt  this, sign  now on the


looks like this



 How much has this cost

for this one sign in two years,

and how many thousands of

new Hi- Vis clearway signs will

need the same costly



Well in the two years or so since they changed to Hi -Vis this sign has been re-adjusted twice

The bracket was designed to do the job by itself with one bolt, without the extra help.

 Could there be something wrong with the design?


 In August 2015 the RMS put up new HI-VIS  yellow clearway signs between Blakehurst and Sutherland

It wasn't long before they started to go off the horizontal (droopy)

November 7  2015  only three months after installation, I first wrote about droopy signs on this page,


including this  photo of one,`



All signs should have two bolts, and

no bracket, but what would I know

I'm a carpet-layer. 

How much taxpayers money is

wasted re-doing this simple


 To see more of this unnecessary nonsense,

at least it should have been,

after my first email, 

Go to top of page and press home 

Not good enough

March 4th, 2017





                         I have other ideas to get the message out, like the old ones below.




Oh dear !

March 4th, 2017

It's no wonder I haven't had a reply from the Road Minister's Office to an email I sent weeks ago.

My local MP  Mr Lee Evans has replied to the email I sent him.


From: ElectorateOffice Heathcote [mailto:ElectorateOffice.Heathcote@parliament.nsw.gov.au]
Sent: Friday, March 3, 2017 12:22 PM
To: 'hans stephens' <stephens1510@optusnet.com.au>
Subject: RE: Clearway signs


Dear Mr Stephens,


Thank you for your email, I do appreciate your concerns. The RMS have all new staff and it does take time to get their portfolio together.

I am still waiting on replies myself!


Kind regards



 "I am still waiting on replies myself"

 If a member of Parliament can't get a reply from a colleague, or his office, then all I can say is,

                          "Dear me"