school holidays

April 12th, 2005
A bit quiet on the school zone front until school goes back, and then it's on again for young and old, especially the unaware old. This morning I did a job at Worinora and happened to mention school zones(funny that) and was told that "my wife was… more »

Wrong button

April 8th, 2005
Just a short note . I had a post ready and after spell check I hit a wrong key and lost it. Yes, I should "save" as I go along, and we should all know when it's school zone time too. I did a small job this morning and by way of conversation, mentioned… more »

Things to come

April 5th, 2005
Last night on "A Current Affair " there was more on the never ending saga of speed cameras. As I have written I don't have a problem with road rules,I have never been booked for something I haven't done. But since the advent of speed cameras people are… more »

Dark days for solar meters

April 4th, 2005
Welcome aboard. Nothing to report on the school zone issue so I've a few thoughts on sem-related topics. Planning Minister Craig Knowles has failed a random breath test, where he allegedly registered 0.085 and later .0.06, (DT 4/4/05)and he was charged,… more »


March 30th, 2005
I read in the Telegraph last weekend that if a driver has not been booked for 10 years he/she can be let off with a warning. The catch is that you have to write in and tell the RTA, and as this "loop hole" is not well advertised, not many good drivers… more »

What road users summit?

March 27th, 2005
Has anyone read anything about the road users summit other than the larger fine for not keeping to the left? What about the "P" plate drivers ? School zones? Or was it all too hard. I emailed Mr Costa On the 22/2/04 about School zones and they going to… more »

It's who you are.

March 23rd, 2005
Nothing to do with school zones but something that I noticed. I heard on the radio yesterday, that a student in the U.S. had shot dead 9 people and himself. His grandparents, a security guard at school a teacher and 5 students as well as injuring many… more »

What hope have we..?

March 21st, 2005
If what the Telegraph has printed this morning is correct ,what hope does the average person out in the real world have? Taxpayers are forking out $17 million a year in salaries for public servants without official duties.(page 3 next to a picture of… more »

Time for a break.

March 18th, 2005
At 9.25am Thursday (17/3/05) I was on my spot on the eastern side slowing traffic when a driver called out from his van from the slow moving city bound traffic. I'd dressed up in my full school zone santa suit having decided that it was to be my last… more »


March 16th, 2005
Reading the Leader story (15/3/05) again I see that Ms Burton said "it was ridiculous to have a school zone on a major highway" But I can't see it being very sensible to have major highway traffic speeding past students a metre away on a crowded… more »


March 15th, 2005
The St George and Southern shire leader 15/3/05 has reported that after inspecting the kogarah school speed camera site with the local member Ms Burton( they forgot to invite me), Mr Costa conceded that Ms Burton had a case for having the speed cameras… more »

"Mrs" SANTA.

March 15th, 2005
To create a little more interest Mrs Santa came along for this morning's school zone time. She was very well relieved. For those new to the web site, the reason for us being at the twin speed camera school zone /variable speed zone is simple. To try and… more »


March 14th, 2005
This morning to get an idea of numbers I decided to let nature take it's course and count the number of flashes of the south bound camera during school zone time. It's easy for me to say I slowed this or that number of cars so I needed to see what… more »


March 14th, 2005
This morning to get an idea of numbers I decided to let nature take it's course and count the number of flashes of the south bound camera during school zone time. One flash in 1 1/2 hrs when an ambulance drove south at speed ,with lights flashing and… more »

"P" plate drivers.

March 13th, 2005
Not much to report on the kogarah front though Friday morning was a busy one. I taped a sheet of paper on the back of my sign and when I slowed a "speeding" car with a wave, I marked it down. After school zone time finished I had 88 vehicles marked as… more »

What are we doing?

March 9th, 2005
Random acts of kindness it appears. The idea was to slow down cars to get publicity and highlight the problems at school zones. Since school started this year we have slowed down to the legal speed hundreds of cars at the Kogarah school zone… more »

Sidekick Ron

March 8th, 2005
Ron is my offsider holding the fort when I can't make it. This morning I de robed further and went with just my civies and a santa hat and Sunnies. "Where's your suit?" was the comment from a passing truck. The kids on the way to school still said… more »

Where's your beard?

March 7th, 2005
I was told by a person that I should, to be credible drop the santa thing and get help from corporations. A little bit difficult with the web site name as it is. The whole idea was to stand out, and it does. So I took off the beard and "where's your… more »

Mad Friday

March 4th, 2005
I did the morning shift and it was quite stressful the number of cars coming through at speed was silly especially after 9.0am. Why do they do it are they stupid or just don't realize what time it is? My daughter is off work sick and drove too fast this… more »

Camera spring clean.

March 3rd, 2005
The RTA were very busy today giving the speed cameras at Kogarah a spruce up. I see on the news tonight that one of the Spit hill speed cameras WAS faulty. I thought it was the buses that were faulty. Something to do with heavy vehicles struggling… more »


March 2nd, 2005
Welcome new viewers Have a look and comments good or bad are most welcome. This morning a new santa' helper did the peak hour side. He told me that he did slow some law breakers who were endangering children. The southbound traffic seemed to be quite… more »

World wide web.

March 1st, 2005
Among the people that accessed my web site today were people from the USA and China. Someone in China was looking at my words. I feel quite important. How do you say welcome in Chinese? Do they have variable speed zones in China? My friends at the RTA… more »

So much for Febuary

February 28th, 2005
Well the last day of Feb was a quiet one. The passing traffic was more subdued than usual,only about 100 drivers needed slowing down to a safe speed. Two convertibles today and one driver when he saw me and realized the error of his ways, applied the… more »

The Story so far.

February 27th, 2005
I have been at the Kogarah variable /school zone for three weeks now helping the RTA slow down traffic for the childrens safety. By slowing the cars down to the legal speed they coincidentally don't get caught by the speed camera. In 20003/2004 49,500… more »


February 23rd, 2005
Thanks to all who saw my banner and have tuned in . I am at Kogarah to protest and at the same time to help unaware drivers to safely travel through this school zone and help the children. I had quite a busy day today after a slow start, and slowed to… more »


February 21st, 2005
"Get A Life!" These unkind words were yelled in my direction by a male driver in a black car Five minutes later someone called out "Keep it up" The plus' out number the minuses 1000 to 1. I thought it was going to be a quiet morning but no, I would have… more »


February 20th, 2005
On Friday morning around 9 am I looked back at the south speed camera and lo and behold the flash was going off like the strobe light in an East Sydney night club. I took a video of this malfunctioning equipment and rang the media. Channel 7 would pass… more »


February 17th, 2005
Another day at the office and a very busy one. Last thursday was too ,we might have to call it "mad Thursday" I slowed at least 200 cars (for the childrens safety)and my mate Jeff who was monitoring the peak side would've helped a few. I read in the… more »


February 16th, 2005
So much for all the camera angles . they used me in one line in a news item and that one statement they aired out of context. They forgot to use the soundtrack of "One flew over the cuckoos nest " in the back ground to complete the picture. Now here a… more »

Hullo Channel Ten

February 16th, 2005
This morning it appears that Graham. was held up, possibly he was coming by train. So Jeff was santas' helper across the road. After today's telegraph story Channel 10 was here to get some school zone footage. They filmed me doing my bit to slow down… more »