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No change

April 30th, 2007
A weekend and two more school zone times have gone by and there is no blinking change to the non working overhead flashing light at Blakehurst. Maybe they'll get around to fixing it next month. more »

Spot the difference

April 29th, 2007
This photo is of the new expensive flashing lights that the RTA had installed,(on the left hand sign), at the Princes Highway Kogarah heading south late last year. As you can see they are obscured by a row of young trees planted on the nature strip as… more »

Back to base

April 28th, 2007
One thing about the fancy expensive flashing lights that the RTA have had installed at 100 schools is that they have a "back to base" feature. If there is a malfunction the faulty unit in question calls for help. The faulty flashing light at Blakehurst,… more »

Not again

April 26th, 2007
Modern technology. Guess what? This morning at 8.50 this "yard arm" style fancy flashing light unit at Blakehurst wasn't working. This afternoon at 3.10 pm it still wasn't working when I took this photo. As you can see the second expensive unit on the… more »

Thinking outside the square....At Last!

April 17th, 2007
I drove on Taren Pt Rd this afternoon and glanced over to the overhead flashing light I mentioned in my last page, and saw a change of thinking, the school zone sign on the center median strip, now has flashing lights attached. The idea of only having… more »

It's sad

April 3rd, 2007
This morning I drove to Hurstville and as I went through the Princes Highway and King Georges intersection I looked up and couldn't see the overhead flashing light working. I can't be 100% sure and as it was peakhour, and I didn't turn around to double… more »