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From Nick:
Please help me, I am 50yrs old and have been caught 4 times at 50km/hr at 9.20am.
My driving record has good until this happened. All offences were close to each other therefore I did not find out until late I committed an offence.

I agree that flashing lights are a must as the Princes Hwy is major road for traffic Also is there any way my points can be reversed

23/12/04 @ 13:11
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From Kirsty:
I think your doing a great job. I live in a smallish town called Berowra Heights just north of Hornsby, and I’m finding that people just forget about the school zones and think oh well theres never any cops in Berowra we are not going to get done. So they just do the normal speed or more and I think what we need is those flashing lights and especially in Berowra more police presents. Well keep up the good work your doing a great job.

Thanks Kirsty for your comments SZS

23/12/04 @ 13:32
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From Chris:
Thank you for forwarning ALL motorists to be careful during these zone, especially for numerous unwitting drivers who suddenly were caught “unexpectedly". I described this conditon “unexpectedly” because there are so many numerous things to watch out when driving that any motorist may have “instinctly” forgotten that he/she had infringed the school zone area (such as blind spots, other drivers cutting into your lane to prevent accidents, huge trucks frigthening the hell out of smaller vehicles because of the nearness of their vehicles to others, etc, etc).

Yes, i had also previuosly written to a number of newspaper suggeting flashing lights, etc and also to RTA (as well as police department) but nothing has changed.

The RTA/Police are making tonnes of money out of unsuspecting motorists that they cannot bother to help motorists here. Best that we organise a huge street demonstrations to change the RTA/Police mindset to help the motorists and the students generally! I will be there when you advise us to attend.

People Power MUST change every government - let the small people be heard!

Hi Chris A river begins with one drop of rain.
I have so many more comments to post but I’m very new at this , but I’m learning. SZS

23/12/04 @ 13:39

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