Young offenders act

December 15th, 2009

The Leader has printed my letter in today's edition word for word except for adding (former) Premier Rees

After visiting 3 Police stations and speaking to rank and file police, (the ones that go out and do the work) they said that "Police cautions" in the main, are a waste of time and agreed that giving the parents of minors caught out at 2.30 am doing graffiti, a fine of $1000 would have more effect.



More "Police cautions" needed........... obviously?

Rugby League football season must be finished

December 7th, 2009

Maybe there'll be a Liberal anti-graffiti policy coming up.

It's the first time I've seen the opposition member for Miranda in the paper for a very long time, apart from mentions of his day job during footy season.

Here's common sense idea

Make offenders pay for damage they do

Graffiti "artists"

November 26th, 2009

Even though the NSW Premier has promised to get tough on graffiti, it doesn't seem to have deterred some.

This artistic effort has appeared up the road, is nothing but mindless wilful vandalism.

What will happen when those recently caught appear in court?

As I didn't get a reply to two emails to my Mayor Lorraine Kelly about graffiti, I'll go through the Leader newspaper's letters page to see if I get a response

If ratepayers who pay for graffiti and other vandalism were informed in flyers included in with their rate notices, and a special mailout just before the next State election letting ratepayers/voters know how all local candidates stand on youth crime,and if they really care about young criminals running amok at night, there might be a bit of REAL action in Macquarie st

Back to base fault reporting

November 18th, 2009

One reason the RTA has for using the "preferred" expensive flashing lights is that they are equipped with a "back to base" fault reporting function.
A necessary feature they say, so that units that break down can for the children's safety be repaired promptly.

These lights are on Forest rd Hurstville and this photo was taken at 2.50pm today a gazetted school day.

This unit has not worked since last Friday.

Why does it take this long if it takes to fix this one, when there are (relatively speaking), only a few of NSW's school zones that have flashing lights.

Getting serious

November 14th, 2009

Teen arrested for malicious damage at Menai

The Police have done their job but what will happen in court?
Mayor get's tough???

Did the mayor tell Mr Rees that there have been 9 minors caught recently doing graffiti and all received Police cautions.
Has the mayor contacted other mayors to help get the "let off minors with a caution laws" changed?

I feel a police caution coming on

November 12th, 2009

Youths arrested over spray paint theft

POLICE have charged two youths (15 and 16) with the theft of a large quantity of spray paint allegedly linked to a spike in graffiti offences in the Blue Mountains area in NSW.


Graffiti arrest at Jannali 1.30am Thurs 12 nov.


13/11/09 Teens face graffiti charges after crackdown

A graffiti blog site had this line about a Mitre 10 store in Paddington

"I've had so many young writers confront me outside the place asking me if i could buy them paint because they are under 18 !! Naturally i obliged, it's not like it's alcahol or anything !! "

How to get refugees off the Oceanic Viking

November 11th, 2009

Step 1 .......Place oily rags in a 44 gallon drum and position the drum near the ship's ventilation system.

Step 2 .......Set fire to drum making sure that the smoke gets around whole ship and can be seen from shore

Step 3 .....Have lots of fire alarms going with worried looking life- vested sailors running around, declare an emergency and evacuate ship.

and for "safety" reasons don't let the "refugees" back on board, and sail off back to Australia.

Police Cautions UK style

November 10th, 2009
Will Police cautions here end up like in the UK?

"it was claimed that up to 40,000 assaults a year are dealt with by a caution issued by the police instead of the offender being prosecuted in court. In cases cited today, a 15-year-old boy was cautioned for rape and a man was given a caution after smashing a glass into a pub landlady's face."

Graffiti group nabbed

November 9th, 2009
Just missed out on Jail

How lucky were they that the Premier tough new jail laws weren't in yet

No reply as yet to my email about graffiti to my local MP Barry Collier.


I emailed the Telegraph

(Yoursay Daily Telegraph 10/11/09)

The letters editor "for space reasons" shortened my letter, see link above.

I sent Jason Morrisson at 2GB the four links of minors receiving "Police cautions" in the Sutherland Shire.

Supercheap Auto the graffiti vandals friend.

Police Cautions for vandals

November 8th, 2009

Links for newspaper stories about 3 lots of graffiti "artists caught and let go in the last 6 weeks.


I emailed the opposition leader Barry O'Farrell
in June about graffiti.

Get young crims back on the streets faster.

November 8th, 2009


We've had a gutful...NSW Premier Nathan Rees stands in Cox Lane, Toongabbie, near his home in Western Sydney. Juveniles must now have a legitimate reason for having spray paint on their person Photo: Adam Hollingworth

Which costs more?

November 5th, 2009

RTA "preferred" flashing lights installed today at The Boulevarde Gymea near The Princes highway.

Note the brake lights

Peter Olsen's Flashing lights at Peakhurst

Note the brake lights.


Which flashing lights are the the best value for the taxpayers dollar?

Peter Olsen's lights cost..........$350 each.

The RTA preferred lights cost...$58,125 each. (or 800 signs for $46.5M )

What can I say?

Getting 'tough' on graffiti vandals

November 4th, 2009

Graffiti vandals sentenced to talking, tea and scones

"It makes me mad, but you can't tell teenagers anything - or you can, but they won't listen."

"they need discipline."

After reading the scone and jam article I emailed The Daily Telegraph

This bit was printed this morning

My original must've been a bit long.

I also emailed my local State Member Mr Barry Collier MP on Wednesday morning, I'll post a reply when I get one.

He as the member for Miranda must be dismayed with the leval of graffiti vandalism in his electorate.

This clever work in Oak road Kirrawee

To be continued.....

Official Police Caution.

November 2nd, 2009

We are urged to "look out for vandals during the holidays"

Because graffiti vandals mainly sneak around at night to do their destructive rubbish, they are very rarely caught.

Although in the last few weeks four young graffiti grubs have been apprehended.

These two early October

"Police gave the teenagers OFFICAL CAUTIONS"

I don't read anywhere that the parents or the vandals cleaned the up mess, or paid for it to be done.

this young individual in Kirrawee

"The Sutherland boy was CAUTIONED under the Young Offenders Act."

and this one in September in Kirrawee

and "the police gave him a youth caution"

In Perth earlier this year:

This fellow needs a "Police Caution"

(Highlight and drag whole link into browser),21590,24958175-2761,00.html


To make it clear to a minor that illegal activity will not be tolerated this happened on Tuesday night

I was told that if the person arrested and charged, admits to the crime, and agrees, then they get a police caution.

This consists of a talk, pointing out that what they have done, is bad

I suggested to the officer that maybe a fine of a $1000 to the parent of a minor caught doing graffiti might be more of a deterrent, and the parent would then perhaps keep a closer eye on what their child gets up to.

I said that if I mistakenly park in a disabled spot I can get fined $405, but someone caught doing thousands of dollars damage with a $2.50 can of spray paint, gets a talking to.

Obviously on the record the officer couldn't comment and they have to follow procedure, and explained that as the law stands that's all they can do.

"You should write to someone" the officer said.

"The Sutherland mayor hasn't replied to 2 emails* from me on this subject." I said.


I rang Sutherland Council and was put through to a graffiti person who agreed that as it is so hard to catch graffiti vandals that when you do they should be made an example of.
I popped into Rockdale Council and was told the same by council staff and a young Policewoman outside Kogarah Police station told me that young offenders treat police cautions as a joke.
A polite young Policeman at Miranda Police station, shall I say, didn't disagree with me that maybe a $1000 dollar fine for parents of minors caught graffiting, would be more of a deterrent than a "Police caution".

Update Fri 6 Nov

* I wrote to the Mayor about TV advertising during the Bathhurst 1000

More about Supercheap Auto that in previous pages.

To be continued....

Close to home

November 1st, 2009

Two doors up from my place is a council "park" that used to have a climbing fort swings and a slide, but they were removed for some reason leaving only a seat.
Last night to make the streetscape better some grub has sprayed one fence

I've emailed the mayor twice recentily about graffiti matters and had ...NO Reply.

Mayor Lorraine Kelly

Does the mayor really care about graffiti?

Supercheap Auto, super smart

October 25th, 2009

Fly spray in Summer, cold and Flu medicine in Winter.

Business targets a need.

Two weeks ago Supercheap Auto featured on a TV ad during the V8 Bathurst 1000 CHN 7 telecast, a "special" on 4 cans of spray paint for $10.

Aerosol paint spray cans are the weapon of choice for graffiti vandals. I wonder how many "4 for $10 cans" cans were bought from Supercheap stores while they were on special, and have been used for this illegal purpose?

Today during the Surfers Paradise V8 meet I notice on TV advertising during the race that Supercheap Auto also sells paint thinners.

Very handy to know, if your property has been graffitied.

Thank you Mr Supercheap.

This van drove along side me on Parramatta rd on Friday

And I spotted this lady painting out graffiti same afternoon in Annandale.

Graffiti won't stop unless someone gets serious.

Update: 28 Oct.

No reply from my Mayor Kelly to my 2nd email.

For a person who publicly has a such a strong view against graffiti, you'd think sending me a couple of lines and pushing the reply button wouldn't be too much to ask.


October 21st, 2009


On the Kingsway Miranda


No comment from my Mayor Cr Kelly about Super cheap Auto's help in the fight against graffiti.

I've sent her another email and also one to Supercheap.

----- Original Message -----
From: stephens1510
Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2009 10:09 PM
Subject: Fw: graffiti and corporate responsibility

Dear mayor,
last monday I sent you (and after reading it back) a rather passionate email regarding graffiti and advertising.
Graffiti is a huge problem in the Sutherland Shire and when I saw spray paint cans advertised as a "special"during the Bathurst 1000 I was angry, as it's mainly young men that watch the race and mainly young men that do graffiti.
I was angry that money and profit trumps community goodwill.
Do you think that promoting a special on spray paint cans during the Bathurst 1000 telecast (even though legal) was a responsible thing to do considering the audience demographic of this V8 race?

Hans Stephens


Would it hurt if the Sutherland Mayor publicly questioned the need to feature repeatedly, this "special" on spray cans by Supercheap Auto during the Bathurst 1000, which although legal wasn't helping in the battle against graffiti.

No reply

October 18th, 2009

This house owned by Railcorp in Sutherland about 1 1/2 kl/mh from Sutherland Council Chambers was repainted by graffiti vandals.

( Drag all of above link into your browser to view article)

I emailed Sutherland Mayor Cr Kelly last Monday about the spray paint bargains Supercheap Auto were spruiking during the Bathurst 1000 but obviously she doesn't share my concern.

Well not concered enough to push the reply button to me and say she'll as the Mayor of an area with a massive graffiti problem she would contact Supercheap Auto about their legal but maybe morally inappropriate marketing.

Supercheap Auto the graffiti vandals friend

October 12th, 2009

The Bathurst 1000 V8 car race is the NO 1 motor race in Australia.

Channel 7 did a magnificent job to bring the drama into my lounge room.

The necessary advertising was pitched at mainly the male market.

On a large track side SUPERCHEAP AUTO billboard (the main sponsor of the race) states that it has over 200,000 items in it's Australian stores.

Why out of 200,000 products, and from page 19 of it's 20 page "specials" catalogue did they have to feature the special on aerosol spray paint cans at

"4 CANS FOR $10."

Graffiti is costing untold millions and to advertise this product to an audience of mostly young males, obviously legal it the right thing to do????

How many thousands of dollars damage can be done with $10 worth of spray paint?

I know it's a legal product and you have to be over 18 to buy it.

You can't buy alcohol either unless you're eighteen and have a look at whose off their face on the streets at night.

I emailed Supercheap Auto but no reply was forthcoming


October 8th, 2009

Feel free to clean up your tags says mayor

This was on the Leader website


Teens arrested after graffiti found
5/10/2009 10:41:00 AM
Sutherland police arrested two teenagers from Sutherland and Woronora on Friday for graffiti offences.
Police allege the male pair, aged 15 and 14, are responsible for graffiti sprayed on Railway Street, Jannali at 10.20pm on Thursday.

Police gave the teenagers official cautions for malicious damage, and possessing spray paint can with the intent to damage or deface property.


Did the teenagers or maybe their parents clean off the damage or pay to do it?

After three more letters about graffiti in the Leader, I sent in this one.

Sent: Wednesday, October 07, 2009 10:19 PM
Subject: graffiti

Dear sir,
it seems that almost every issue of the St George and Sutherland Shire Leader has an article about the ever increasing scourge of graffiti.
I read on the Leader website that police arrested two teenagers and charged them with malicious damage and possessing a spray can with the intent to deface or damage property.
The male pair 14 and 15 year old were given "official cautions"
My question is wether they, or their parents were required to, or pay to have the "malicious damage" cleaned up?
Unless there are consequences, graffiti vandalism will only get worse.
Parents have to be made more responsible for what their offspring are up to.
Maybe parents would care what junior does at night if they were handed a $1000 bill for cleaning up graffiti vandalism.
Park unintentionaly in a diabled spot and it costs $405, forget the time and drive through a school zone and there goes your license, but sneak around and deface property and it's an "official caution" Get serious.

Regards Hans Stephens

Sutherland Mayor Cr Kelly is right when she said,

"The State Government needs to look at the Young Offenders Act,'' she said.

"There should be more moves and more options to make offenders clean up their graffiti.''

Work to rule

September 24th, 2009

In Willarong (South) just off Captain Cook drive Caringbah is a school zone fitted with a set of flashing lights

as you turn right off Capt Cook drive into Willarong the school zone sign is so close to the corner, the flashing lights so high, fitted with shields and although it also has the red cicle lit up, because drivers are busy making the turn, who sees them?

If you turn left from Capt. Cook drive, being are so close to the corner and so high that seeing them is nigh on impossible.

BUT yes you can get a very clear view of these flashing lights if you come across the intersection from Willarong South, BUT THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE, as that road is blocked.

So instead of having this school zone sign and it's expensive flashing unit a bit further up the road where it can be seen,
No doubt it is installed at the "REGULATION" distance from the school and is practically useless.

I will email the new roads minister Mr David Campbell and see if he can get this flashing light unit moved to the Beverly Hills school zone sign (below) where it can do some good.

I have tried previously tried to get flashers there, and emailed Mr Roozendaal and his successor Mr Daly,.... with no result.

The archive page (below) shows my efforts to try and get an extra flashing unit.

The archive page (above) shows my email to Mr Daly, and all that came back from his office was,

To: stephens1510
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2008 9:34 AM
Subject: RE: Beverly Hiills School zone.

Dear Mr Stephens,

Thank you for your email to the Hon Michael Daley MP, Minister for Roads.

The Minister has arranged for the matters raised to be examined and a response will be provided as soon as possible.

Office of the Minister for Roads


Mr Roozendaal's office only answered after this appeared in the Daily Telegraph....

The reply said they'd "look into it," and nothing has changed at Beverly Hills.

To be continued

Road safety not revenue.

September 19th, 2009

As I told Jason Morrison on 2GB this morning whenever they announce new speed cameras they always say that the money from the fines isn't important, and they wouldn't care if no driver was fined.

To sound even more genuine, revenue from cameras was promised for spinal injury research

It's funny that even when millions are collected from just one speed camera this article was in the Telegraph this morning.

Speed cameras are all about safety.... not revenue ????

South street Kogarah

September 10th, 2009

When I first stood in my Santa suit at the Kogarah school zone and waved my sign (Dec '04)I could see that South st entry to that school zone was a problem

Drivers sit at the lights waiting for the lights, then turn right accelerate and flash.

As you turn right your attention is on turning right,looking at at getting around the centre medium strip, not on the school zone.

What is needed there opposite South st is a school zone sign facing South st with... you guessed it,..... "Flashing lights," to remind drivers waiting at the lights of the zone.

How many drivers have been caught after visiting patients at the hospital there and are thinking of a sick friend or relative while waiting for a green.

I have mentioned South st before,

Today a customer, a local Kogarah businessman told me he had been caught by the camera recently after coming out of South st.

I will email and see if I can at least get a sign facing South st installed there.

If drivers continue to "speed" there it must continue to be a road safety issue for the school kids.

Speed cameras are easier and more profitable

September 6th, 2009
The NSW road toll is 63 higher than this time last year

So the answer it seems is more speed cameras

Mobile speed cameras will slow drivers down but there also needs to be more highway patrol in unmarked cars, because cameras don't detect drugged, drunk, or unlicensed drivers.

The president of the NRMA, Wendy Machin, said a highly visible police presence was the best way to lower speeding. "Receiving an infringement notice in the mail a week or two after the fact is not an effective speeding deterrent," she said.

IT was announced that we will get another 48 highway patrol in NEXT year's budget.

What's new, this is from Hansard 2007

"The Minister for Police seems to be in denial. He is almost parrot like in his statements to the House about how he will give us an extra 50 highway patrol police. His own superintendent, the man in charge of road safety in New South Wales, says he wants 400 officers, and clearly we need those 400 officers."

Fixed speed cameras don't need superannuation, holiday pay, sick pay and that's why they are the preferred option.

5 more school zones are safer.

August 25th, 2009



Chinese whispers

August 25th, 2009
This came in my inbox

(cut and paste didn't work)

I sent the email to Peter Olsen for a response and back came

As I said in a reply email to the "Concerned Citizen" if he/she would like to add anything more, I'll gladly post it here.

Why is it necessary to always have a ulterior motive to do anything?

Peter proved his lights at Lurgano and Peakhurst, could do a better job at a fraction of the cost of the RTA's "preferred" over engineered systems.

For undisclosed reasons the RTA has not used Peter's technology.

One question to the "concerned citizen"

Will you show this page to all the people that you have told about how that greedy Peter Olsen is out there "self promoting" and "filling his pockets?"

Your email says " technology given to us"

"US" Do you work for the RTA?

Flashing lights are effective

August 20th, 2009

"This new technology was found to be highly visible and effective at slowing people down."

This was said by Rockdale Member Frank Sator on his web site

He was announcing the installation of two of the flashing light sets at Kogarah that should've been there day one.

First Base.

August 19th, 2009
A reply to my email(s) emailed the NSW Premier
and they have been passed on. "Firse Base"

My email to the Road Minister 21/11/08 (below) didn't get a result, last Year will it now?


Dear Minister,
In July last year the RTA installed variable speed cameras at a school zone on King Georges rd Beverly Hills.
Even before the cameras were switched on I could see that because of the length of the school zone and many side streets entering it, that there would be carnage when they were activated, even though flashing lights are at both ends on King Georges Rd.
After an article in the local paper featuring a group of sad looking motorists holding up tickets I emailed the then roads minister Mr Roozendaal suggesting an extra set of flashing lights opposite Edgbason st to help South bound motorists (and make it safer for children, the whole idea for having school zones)
After 4 unanswered emails, I wrote to the Telegraph and then "coincidentally" an unhelpful reply came from Mr Roozendaal's office two days later.

30,000 infringements in the first three months would indicate that perhaps that more signage would be helpful.
To more easily illustrate the problem at Beverly Hills, I've brought forward the relevant page on my website
Please have a look
We need road rules and to enforce them, but hammering average, unaware drivers is not the way to go.
More sixty signs and that extra flashing light unit at Beverly Hills, would go a long way in the public relations department.

Thank you for your time.

All the best in handling, what is a difficult portfolio.

Yours faithfully
Hans Stephens

More NSW schools to get safety lights

August 9th, 2009

Another 38 school zones are to get flashing lights.

"These 25 sites have been selected on the basis of strict criteria including crash history and risk, traffic and pedestrian volumes, speed limits and road visibility," Mr Daley added.

It's a shame that a school zone has to have a "crash history."

Maybe at assembly the student that draws the short straw can go out and get that school a bit of crash history to speed up the installation of flashing lights for the surviving students

From Peter Olsen at www.schoolzonelights

The road is a dangerous place

Why not?

August 5th, 2009

I wrote a post on 23/2/06 about having advertising on school zone signs to pay for them to be fitted with flashing lights.

Why won't the RTA allow ads on school zone signs?

They have advertising on their pedestrian bridges.

Advertising is allowed on street name signs

and new bus shelters are appearing with advertising space that pays for them.

This just finished rather elaborate expensive one, (except for the advertising) outside Stewart Toyota in Waratah st Kirrawee

I asked car salesman if many people used that bus stop?

"I didn't know there was a bus stop, before they built the shelter" he said.

There's another new shelter on Sylvania rd near the Kingsway Miranda

So it appears that you can have advertising to pay for little used bus shelters, but to have a 6 or 7 word company tag on a school zone sign to pay for flashing lights for the added safety of school children, is out of the question.
I emailed the NSW Premier

No reply as yet.......

If I don't get a response, I'll send a letter by post in case the spam email filter at the Premier's office is a bit harsh.