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December 23rd, 2004

Story in Leader 23/12/2004 amp;

There was a photo here that was in the Leader newspaper which a passing reporter took on the first morning I was there. For some reason the archives are missing most photos

Thank you to the St George and Sutherland Shire Leader for the article in today's paper.

There is one point however I would like to clarify. I am NOT there to slow the motorists for the speed cameras.

I'm there to slow the drivers for the school children's safety.

That is the whole point of school zones. Even with all the signs and the two speed cameras, 49,500* drivers were caught speeding at this variable speed zone in the 12 months of 2003-2004.

Drivers are just NOT aware of when it is school zone time.

We ARE NOT all clock watchers, when we drive. So I feel it is my duty to help make this school zone safer for the children, until the RTA installs flashing lights at Kogarah to make drivers AWARE of school zone times.

* as this is a variable speed site, not all the drivers are caught during school zone times, but 'after-hours' when the speed limit is 60kms.

I stood at Kogarah during school zone times all Febuary 2005 slowing down cars and the story it's highs and lows are all in the archives section on the right of page.

I over the years recieved many emails here a three

December 19th, 2004

So far I have stood in the sun in a cheap Santa suit for six hours on Thursday and Friday during schoolzone time waving my ?It?s schoolzone time? sign slowing down numerous drivers to the 40km limit for the children?s safety. Coincidently they also avoided being caught by the ?Fixed Speed Camera? nearby.
There has been a friendly reaction from the passing drivers even a "thumbs up" from police Paddy wagon and and a wave from a truck of RTA employees

Just a thought about our police.

The next time you?re stopped and given a random breath test, say ?Thank you officer, you?re doing a good job?

Because the next drunk that is caught could?ve been the one that comes through a red light and puts you in the grave.

December 15th, 2004

Thank you for your interest.

Why am I dressed up in a santa suit? (I?m not really santa)
It?s to attract attention to this website and also because Santa loves children
The whole school zone thing has me worried.

The normal thing to say is ?They should do something? well I?m trying to be one of ?they? but I could do with a bit of help.

I feel that too many good careful drivers are being caught out at schoolzones.
So please spare me a little time as I?d like to get feedback, if you?ve been booked, and have had a good record before schoolzones.

I?d like to know your age as I think a lot of older drivers, who drive to the conditions, get caught. People who would never endanger children.

To mount an argument, I need statistics.

I have a lot of newspapers articles and photographs that I want to put on the site, however being a beginner with the internet, I'm having troubles putting them on. The site should be "perfect" soon.

Please contact me after you have had a look over the site.

Naughty Picture

December 11th, 2004

What do you do when you find yourself in the middle of a school zone? Does your heart skip a beat?

Do you say ?Oh dear? or worse and frantically look at your watch and speedo?

Did you ignore the warning signs?

You didn?t see them?

Is it because there are just too many signs?

Is it because it?s only at a certain time and only on school days?

Why DO drivers get caught out at school zones?
I think good drivers get caught ?out at school zones, because they don?t see the signs and they just don?t realize it is school zone time.
Driving a car becomes automatic. You look ahead driving at a normal safe speed and then all of a sudden you?re in a school zone.
How many good normal drivers with excellent or even unblemished driving record, get caught out at school zones?
Why would 2GB feel it would be a public service to warn it?s listeners both morning and afternoon when it?s school zone time.
It?s because they get so many complaints from drivers about the zones.

40 km/h school zones were introduced to help ensure school children?s safety before and after school. At face value, an excellent idea. But even with large signs and signs painted on the roadway, 49,500* drivers were detected speeding at one school zone in 12 months.
The RTA will admit that they never imagined that they would catch so many drivers, and still do, so long after school zones were introduced. They assumed drivers would learn.
Well 49,500* motorists in one year haven?t learnt and were endangering children.
Obviously signs alone, don?t work.
For the children?s sake, something more is needed.
At any place where the speed changes from the normally posted speed, as at school zones, road works etc, flashing lights are needed to make drivers aware of the ?new? speed.

(DT Tuesday 12 October 2004)
State Labour MP for Kogarah Ms Cherie Burton has said, [St George and Sutherland Shire Leader 9/11/04] that while the cameras would have caught many dangerous drivers, other drivers were being treated unfairly and she is lobbying the RTA to have the cameras moved and ,Ms Burton is on the SAME team as Mr Scully the transport minister

The NRMA P & C Association and Pedestrian Council of Australia have all called for flashing lights to help motorists observe the limits. However, Mr Scully?s office said a study of an initial trial at 11 school zones was ?not conclusive?. The study found that motorists did slow down at some schools but not at others. In some cases drivers even increased their speed, the spokesman said.

Of course there are some drivers who take no notice of any road rule. These people think that rules don?t apply to them. They weave in and out of traffic, get on the back bumper of cars traveling at the correct speed to intimidate them, cut corners, don?t indicate, pass on double lines etc. These arrogant morons need to be caught and taken off the road.

How could flashing lights on school zone signs not work? If flashing lights wouldn?t attract driver?s attention, then why put them on police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, emergency vehicles and even on RTA vehicles. The RTA says that the benefit of flashing lights is ?not conclusive?.
Perhaps it?s because if they said that the flashing lights do work, then more pressure would be there to install them. If they say they don?t work, someone will prove that they do.
The NRMA did a survey and found that76% of drivers asked were in favour of flashing lights and I think the other 24% haven?t been caught yet.

With flashing lights normal law abiding people would slow down, that is the whole point of school zones. If they were aware of them, and the time, there wouldn?t be a problem.
Normal drivers would never endanger children.
We need flashing lights at the Kogarah school zone at least.

Leave the two speed cameras there and also put up flashing lights, use the existing timer on the speed camera to switch them on and off, then we?ll see how ?inconclusive? it is.

Looking at the figures from these two cameras alone and all the other sites, it?s quite obvious that signs alone don?t work. It?s not just the school zones with speed cameras that have the problem of unaware drivers. At any school drivers sail past all the signs, oblivious of doing wrong. SEE RTA?S Figures

Put up flashing lights and anyone then caught speeding at school zone time, and some will, fine them $500 no excuses and put the money raised to help fund more lights. What do you think?

*NB The speed camera site at Kogarah is a? variable speed? zone. So not all the 49,500 would be for school zone violations. However even if half were, that?s still a huge number of unaware drivers caught that pose a risk to children.

P Plate Driver Crisis

December 11th, 2004

To help ?Stop the carnage!? I would suggest that we should triple the number of highway patrol cars, and make all the new cars " UNMARKED"

Have you ever seen a "P" plater [or any other driver, for that matter] hoon past a marked police car?

Marked police cars as a "visible" deterrent have their place, but they only deter bad behaviour when visible.

Miscreants might think twice about driving in a dangerous unlawful manner, when that ?normal ? car nearby, could be a police car.

To stop frivolous complaints against police by disgruntled drivers, all car should be fitted with video to log the offences and this would
also guard against possible police corruption.

All cars to have two officers for safety.

We need more highway patrol not more cameras!

Highway patrol can catch the real culprit.

Fixed cameras only allow the registered owner of the vehicle to be fined, as speed and red light cameras don?t identify the driver.

Because they are on probation "P" platers can only make one "mistake" and automatically lose their license for three months with a second offence as they run out of points.

How many doting grandmothers are on the RTA?s records as being the nominated driver of a grandson?s ?he?s a good boy really? WRX or V8 ute caught by a speed or red light camera?

Highway patrol officers get the driver!

Then we need, [this is where we could have a bit of trouble] no nonsense magistrates or judges, that back up our police who endeavor to make our road safe. We need Courts that don?t listen to stories of broken homes and bed wetting. Drivers have to accept responsibility for their anti-social conduct. The ?P? on the P plate in my eyes stands for PRIVILEGE. It?s a privilege to be allowed to drive a car.

Extra driving training and education for learner drivers is on Mr Scully?s discussion paper. Will it work? Yes for some but what percentage? We ARE dealing with teenagers.

Do all teenagers take notice when told of the dangers of smoking, drugs, drinking and sex?

Even with speed restrictions and fewer demerit points, P plate drivers are abusing the privilege of driving a car, putting themselves, passengers and other road users at risk.
Teachers might find it a little difficult, to teach young people responsible road behaviour while they have to avoid flying chairs and warding off knife thrusts.

Over confidence, peer pressure, youth and testosterone will often negate all common sense. The loss of license will often be enough to educate some drivers.
But it?s the rat bag element who think rules aren?t meant for them that need more stern attention.



There is provision in law to confiscate (for a set period) the car of a driver caught doing ?burnouts Maybe the law could be amended to accommodate this idea

On passing the driving test, the new probationary driver is asked to sign a form to show they realise what will happen when road rules are broken
.It should be made clear that driving if disqualified is?. NOT an option. Anyone caught while driving while disqualified has his/her car wheel clamped, (with an official RTA wheelclamp) at their home for say, 6 months. NO EXCUSES. This would remind this person of their bad behavior every time they walked past it, and there would be no storage problem for the RTA.

If the wheel clamped vehicle is moved for ANY reason without official permission, it is confiscated and sold. No exceptions.
Tough problems need tough action.

The ?P? plate driver could be caught driving disqualified using the family car.
What then?

Then the onus is on the owner [the parents] to make SURE that this person doesn?t drive while disqualified

If he/her can?t be trusted not to drive, buy a good steering lock and keep the key under the tongue, because the car WILL be wheel clamped if the disqualified person is caught in it, and with all the extra highway patrol cars that would be a distinct possibility.

It is law to have a firearm under lock and key ? Penalties apply

A car in the wrong hands, is just as dangerous, so make sure it can?t be driven.

Update 16/2/07

Reading back through the above, Ex Justice Marcus Einfield comes to mind for some reason.

Update 25/6/07

This announcement was in the paper

So I sent this into the Telegraph and it made the 22/6/07 edition.

Differing speed zones

December 11th, 2004



What Next?

A man in front of the car waving a white flag? Where is the common sense in 10 different speed zones? Do you always know what the speed limit is wherever you are?

We must drive at a safe speed and obey the other road rules. To have speed limits constantly changing can be very confusing and stressful especially, if on unfamiliar roads and you?ve missed a sign post. On any trip now it?s not ?ARE WE THERE YET?? but ?WHAT SPEED IS IT HERE??

Normal experienced good drivers don?t need the signs. They drive at a safe speed for the conditions. Those that don?t drive SAFELY need to be punished. This is by police who need to be able to use a bit of discretion. If an officer in a patrol car sees someone driving in an unsafe manner they should be able to take appropriate action, whatever the speed. Booking a driver doing 55km/h in a deserted section of a 50km/h posted road does nothing but cause animosity. However it can be highly dangerous and yet technically legal to drive at 50km/h through a busy suburban shopping centre. We need common sense law enforcement.
The mish-mash collection of speed zones we have now makes criminals of us all. I?ve yet to see anyone do 10 km/h in the ?shared zone? in Eton St Sutherland.Which raises a question.

Can someone tell me who is at fault if a car runs over a pedestrian who uses the speed humps in the "shared zone" as a pretend pedestrian crossing, the driver , the pedestrian, the council or the ratepayer.

It wasn?t so long ago when we had 3 speed limits, 35 mph in the city, LSZ (limited speed zone) on the outskirts of town and unlimited speed out of town.

There?s no fun in just going for a drive anymore.

Give the good sensible drivers a bit of slack.

Is there Corporate Responsibility in Advertising?

December 11th, 2004


The advertising industry has a ?code of standards?. What is it?

I think it is to charge a lot of money to show how to target a market to sell your product, even if the method used is irresponsible.

Another three young people and an unborn child die in a road accident (DT 25 November 2004). A car is torn apart which would indicate speed. What a tragic loss of life and sorrow for their families. To help stop this sort of carnage on our roads, there should be a ban on all car advertising which emphasize speed.

To have a slogan ?there?s no holding back? and to depict a young father speeding down a narrow road with a young child in the back child seat, both with stupid grins on their faces, is totally irresponsible in my view. Then to show this advertisement on television during the rugby league final with a big? P? plate audience, it?s no wonder we have the number of deaths on our roads and all the young drivers and passengers whose lives are ruined through injury in car smashes.

GMH has the slogan ?There?s no holding back?. What does this suggest? To me it does not mean ?to show restraint?

The passengers killed in the above mentioned smash would have had a chance if the driver in that car, HAD held back!
At the funeral of this driver it was said ?He lived his life for a good time, not a long time.?
The precious little unborn baby had no time at all, good or otherwise.

On the radio at the moment there is an advertisement for the new Mitsubishi Colt. A mother is depicted day dreaming at the traffic lights, revving the engine continuously until her young son tells her that the lights have changed[to green] amid the sound of car horns, from presumably cars behind. Above all this, the? voice over? person tells us about the car?s powerful new Maytec engine with the catchphrase, ?engineered to excite?. This tells me to buy this small car because even though, it?s a small car it does have a powerful engine. and the revving at the lights, would that be setting a good example to a young son?

In the advertisement for the new Holden ute, we don?t see the vehicle but from behind a fence with a sign saying ?Private Property? there is smoke from what I assume, tyres and the sound of the roar of a powerful engine. If a young person buys a ute like this and hasn?t got access to ?Private Property? where does he do burnouts to impress his mates? Show a little responsibility GMH and stop the brainwashing of our kids, that cars to own, must be able to exceed all our speed limits in second gear.
Ford isn?t blameless. What is meant by NO BOUNDARIES on their advertising? Are speed limits boundaries? Are double lines boundaries?

There has been a win of sorts.

Reported in the Sunday Telegraph 5 December 2004, this ad for the new Holden ute has been ?pulled? due to ?a number of complaints? to the Advertising Standards Bureau.

A Holden spokeswomen said the ad did not depict speeding and was meant to demonstrate the driving characteristics of the new Holden ute ?in a responsible and entertaining way?.

In the ad for the ute all we see is smoke and hear the roar of the engine from behind a fence. How does that show the ?handling characteristics? of the ute? If she is reported accurately, I can only assume that this spokeswomen could have been promoted into her job after selling used cars in a ?dodgy brothers? car franchise.

She thinks there is nothing wrong with this ad.

Who allows these advertisements with this content to be published and broadcast? responsible adults?

All this sort of advertising would stop if all media (TV, papers and radio) just said NO to all advertisements which emphasize speed and power to sell cars.

The car companies WOULD still advertise but just change content.
The car ads are getting better and the "There's no holding back" nonsense has gone as is the "No Boundries".

We've just had naked people buying a new car. Does this mean that there's no money left for clothes after buying this model.

Update 16/11/07

Latest Holden ad goes through the engine power of their cars over the years including the latest model's hp reading and ends with the line


What does that imply?