"P" plate drivers.

March 13th, 2005

Not much to report on the kogarah front though Friday morning was a busy one.
I taped a sheet of paper on the back of my sign and when I slowed a "speeding" car with a wave, I marked it down.
After school zone time finished I had 88 vehicles marked as definite.
One was a Legion station wagon Taxi who saw me and hit the brakes and about twenty minutes came back heading north and gave a very happy toot and wave. A $143 fine would've taken the gloss of his day's takings.

Last week I received an e-mail from "K"

HI There
Interesting comments re the P plate crisis but please keep in mind that not all P Platers are hoons. I have my Green P's but am over 30 - I'm a late bloomer I suppose but in the almost two years I have been driving on P plates I seem to have become a target for every type of hoon and aggressive driver for sticking to the speed limit. I have been honked, flashed, yelled at and cut off more times than I care to think about. I do admit it has been frightening at times especially when cars have cut me off with only inches to spare - is there any reason why fully licensed drivers feel the need to do this to someone with less experience making it dangerous for all. I mean if I am doing 90 km's in a 90 zone on the Princes Highway legally in the outside lane why do fully licensed drivers feel the need to overtake me at 110+ ! My driving has improved markedly since I first got my license but driving in peak hour all the time has shown me some interesting interpretations of the road rules by others. Any tips you can give me?

I replied thus

Dear K....
You late bloomer you, Thanks for your e-mail.
It's a dangerous world out there and all drivers should act responsibly, but that just doesn't happen.
That's why I said to triple the number of highway patrol and make all the new cars unmarked to catch the bad drivers no matter how long they've had their license.
I have a pile of newspaper clippings of drivers in court that were driving while disqualified and my wheel clamp idea would help to minimize that.
I really don't mean to have a go at all "P" platers but I see a lot of bad driving by these inexperienced drivers.
Accidents can happen so quickly, and for every young person killed on the road, how many are left permenantly damaged?

Road rules are there to try and help all road users.

I stand there at Kogarah and stop strangers from being booked, (coincidentaly),because the way they are now, school zones are unfair and when they put up flashing lights to help drivers be aware of school zone times, then double the fine for those that still speed.

So Kylie be very careful and don't take any thing for granted.
You might have a green light but some fool could come through on the red.
Give me a wave ,and I'm on your side

Regards ..... ( santa)

And "k" answered me late fri night


Thanks for the lovely email. You certainly have some ideas worth thinking about so I hope you are getting your messages out there.

I had two good friends of mine killed in a stupid accident when we were
all in year 11 at school - they were P platers and thought they were
indestructible. So I know what you mean.

I will definitely give you a wave next time I see you on the way to work -
you can shake your sign at the next pleb that cuts off my blue mazda!

All the best with your campaign. You should try giving Merrick and Rosso on
Nova a touch up for some publicity.

Kind regards
Kogarah at 8

What are we doing?

March 9th, 2005

Random acts of kindness it appears.
The idea was to slow down cars to get publicity and highlight the problems at school zones.
Since school started this year we have slowed down to the legal speed hundreds of cars at the Kogarah school zone
Coincidentaly by slowing the cars to 40klms they don't get caught by the speed cameras.
So hundreds of drivers don't get fined for speeding,which most wouldn't have done, if they had known it was school zone time.

If "flashing lights" are installed at Kogarah the speeding by good drivers would stop and as I've said all along anyone caught speeding at "flashing light" school zones, double the fine.
For some reason our protest isn't media material.

This is the e mail I sent to Mr Costa, the new roads minister.(22/2/05)

Dear Mr Costa,
I am very concerned about the 40 klm school zones and variable speed zones
The idea of having drivers slow down at schools is of course a good idea, but drivers just can?t get used to school zone times.

Why is it that years after school zones have been law does the RTA find it necessary to have reminder messages on their overhead signs and expensive advertisements on radio.
Laws to enforce them have to be by necessity, uniform and concrete otherwise smart arse lawyers will find loopholes.
But this law is not working.
I stood watching the Gymea school zone for four days last June and the 188 or so drivers that the speed camera flashed at, did not have a clue that they were breaking the law.

How can it help a child on the day of the ?speeding? offence, if the driver is fined 4-5 weeks later.

To help make drivers aware of school zone times I feel that flashing lights are needed.
If drivers ignore flashing lights and still speed (and some will)double the fines and that helps pay for more lights.

Good drivers will always slow down when necessary.

The twin speed cameras at Kogarah variable/school zone are nothing but a disgrace. Driver after driver gets booked without realizing that they have broken any law.

From 8 till 8.30am there are few children and the same after 9.10am till 9.30
Between 2.30 and 3.00 pm nobody and after 3.15 till the end of school zone time at 4.00pm the only person on the eastern side of the street is me holding up a " It?s school zone time " reminding passing drivers to slow down for a deserted street.

People from Berry on the south coast to the city know me as ?School zone santa? and every driver that we slow to the legal speed and doesn?t get fined is happy and all the other drivers are laughing at the RTA

Yesterday I would?ve ?saved ?180 drivers and last Thursday over 200.

In the e mails I?m getting, there are stories of people never being booked in.30/40 years until school zones.

One man booked 4 times at kogarah was just keeping up with other traffic .He had a reason for being a little distracted as he was going to St George hospital for cancer treatment.
To have a potential death sentence is tough enough and then to be booked 4 times was a dreadful impost.

He is helping me with a "It?s School Zone Time sign" as from Thursday or Friday

I wrote on my website27/1/05 under ?Cranky drivers make cranky voters? that you are a no nonsense type of person and what you have done since taking on ?roads? shows that you are.

But you have to see it, to understand what goes on at Kogarah So I invite you to come here one morning or afternoon at school zone time to have a look, and you?ll see why good drivers are angry, frustrated, and disappointed after being caught-out at this school zone.

My web site is www.schoolzonesanta.com I'm sorry the web site is a bit wordy but the entry on10/2/05 "when your'e talking about it we're talking about it" might more explain the reason for my protest.

Yours faithfully......

This is the e-mail that I received 11.43 am 23/2/05(the next morning)

Dear Mr .....

The Minister for Roads, Michael Costa, has asked me to thank you for your e-mail concerning School Zones.

The matters you have raised are currently being examined and a response will be provided to you as soon as possible

Yours sincerely
Office of the Minister for Roads


When is as soon as possible?
What's to examine, hop in a Limo and come out to Kogarah and have a look

Thanks for visiting the web site,feel free to comment and ideas are most welcome.

Kogarah at 8

Sidekick Ron

March 8th, 2005

Ron is my offsider holding the fort when I can't make it.
This morning I de robed further and went with just my civies and a santa hat and Sunnies.
"Where's your suit?" was the comment from a passing truck.
The kids on the way to school still said "hello santa "as usual.
The traffic was calm with only a few transgressers but then there was the mad rush after 9.0am. Coming over the rise the drivers have a deserted three lane divided road in front of them and by the number I have to slow down, school zone time is not on their mind.
I wave my sign, wave my arm and as they pass and realize what's going on the brake lights come on.
About 5-6 didn't take any notice of me and in a few weeks, might understand what I was doing.

Thanks to new loggers-on and Hi! to my daily visitor from the RTA.
Feel free to comment and don't worry I won't pester you.
Feed back and ideas are helpful
Please spread the web site, the net is getting wider

PS The telegrah this morning had a bit to say about the NRMA and
mr Whitlam and money going in all directions.
A spooky coincidence after what I posted yesterday.

Ron's at Kogarah at 8

Where's your beard?

March 7th, 2005

I was told by a person that I should, to be credible drop the santa thing and get help from corporations.
A little bit difficult with the web site name as it is.
The whole idea was to stand out, and it does.
So I took off the beard and "where's your beard?" was the comment.
Get help from business Ok.
Lots of St George cab drivers wave as they go past and One driver nearly stood his cab on it's front bumper when he saw me, to slow to the legal speed. So I rang the St george headquarters,told them what I was doing and could some one there ring talk back about santa.I was put on hold and then told that they couldn't do that' and anyway drivers should know not to speed in school zones .
Obviously the more people that loose their license, the more work for taxis.
I got the same "help" from a large hardware company in Taren Point and a landscape firm in Bexly
Their drivers seem to acknowledge my stand,but management don't want to stick their neck out.

Why, I'm not doing anything illegal,I'm helping the RTA slow down cars,
for the childrens safety.

The NRMA bleats about unfair road rules and what does this voice of the motorists do. It makes "submissions."
Does it organize protest rallies.
Why not, we live in a democracy?
We can protest.
Imagine Macquarie St full of "mums and dad" NRMA members with banners and chanting "When do we want it?" and Schoolzone santas at every "black spot" school zone.
Things would happen.
No they're to busy wasting millions of dollars of members funds fighting amongst themselves in the boardroom and you never know after the NRMA board maybe a safe political seat somewhere.
It's a case of "Don't rock the boat."

An NRMA spokesman said ( DT 9/11/04)it frequently handled
complaints about the twin cameras at Kogarah and called for
flashing warning lights to be installed.

So what is the NRMA doing for it's members?

It puts up membership fees.

If I'm wrong, make a comment.

Suggestions are most welcome and pass on the web site please

Kogarah at 8

Mad Friday

March 4th, 2005

I did the morning shift and it was quite stressful the number of cars coming through at speed was silly especially after 9.0am.
Why do they do it are they stupid or just don't realize what time it is?

My daughter is off work sick and drove too fast this afternoon, through the school zone at Port Hacking High at school zone time because she wasn't aware. She's normally at work at school zone time. Going to work by train and at weekends there's no school.

"Flashing Lights" would help.

When the lights are flashing it's 40 klms maximum and normal safe or posted speed when the lights are off.

Keep the e mails coming and I haven't heard back from Mr Costa as yet about him coming to have a look at the Kogarah school zone.

Kogarah at 8

Camera spring clean.

March 3rd, 2005

The RTA were very busy today giving the speed cameras at Kogarah a spruce up.

I see on the news tonight that one of the Spit hill speed cameras WAS faulty. I thought it was the buses that were faulty.
Something to do with heavy vehicles struggling uphill.

Would the Toyota Echo that a very large lady climbed into in Jannali qualify as a struggling heavy vehicle.

It must really hurt to have to admit it, that the speed camera is dodgey.

How many other speed cameras malfunction and we don't hear about it.

It's a bit like lawyers fiddling with "trust accounts" every now and again one gets caught, but how many are doing it?

No offence meant to any honest lawyers out there.

I heard an interesting thing today. In Bates Drive just off the highway at Gymea there is a school and a Highway Patol car was on duty this morning during school zone time. Nothing unusual, but this officer was giving the approaching drivers a sporting chance . He had the flashing lights on top of his car going. Good one officer.
It would be intresting to see the difference in numbers caught with lights off one day, and lights on the next.

Well the RTA have been on the website again today, but have not answered the homework questions from yesterday, maybe a police dog ate the homework answers.
Comments and suggestions most welcome.

Kogarah at 8


March 2nd, 2005

Welcome new viewers Have a look and comments good or bad are most welcome.

This morning a new santa' helper did the peak hour side. He told me that he did slow some law breakers who were endangering children.
The southbound traffic seemed to be quite placid and just the odd car or bunch of speedsters gave me trouble but then it started to rain.

This was just after nine and it was on . drivers maybe because of the novelty of using windscreen wipers, seemed to forget all about school zones and came through as if on con rod straight without the benefit of wet weather tyres.

I was watching motor racing on Sunday from Daytona and when they have an accident during the race, race control switch on flashing orange lights to make drivers aware.

There's an idea for school zones, Orange flashing lights to make drivers aware.

I'm intrigued ,everyday someone from the RTA visits my web .
Is it because you like it or because you hope it'll get better?
Here's some homework.
Just north of Tom Ugly's Bridge there is a large overhead computer road sign.That's the one on the left going to town.
Why was it moved 8 meters?
I did notice that when it was first put up it was arrogantly stuck right in the middle of the footpath.
At what cost was this huge thing uprooted and moved?

I thought perhaps it might be blocking someone important's view but unless some greenie has a tree house in the park that's not it.
The sign across the road was also moved 59 meters .Why?
If it was it bad planning was the person responsible counseled severely?

Email me the answer and I'll put it in a new RTA waste category

It's easy to spend other people's money.

Some more homework tomorrow.

Kogarah at 8

World wide web.

March 1st, 2005

Among the people that accessed my web site today were people from the USA and China.
Someone in China was looking at my words. I feel quite important.
How do you say welcome in Chinese? Do they have variable speed zones in China?
My friends at the RTA logged in today(and yesterday) Gidday mate.
They never leave a comment though.
You were right on top of the host list in Feb. Congratulations.
I'd like to have your Kogarah speed camera stats from last Feb and this years to post on the site
Left click on any comment button and you can contact me.
It should make interesting reading.

Much the same today traffic wise, cars come up and I slow them if needed .

Quiet a few driver go past using hand held mobil phones.
Not good ,there's no excuse, as hands free kits are relatively inexpensive.
I have some help tomorrow.
Any suggestions are welcome and if you want to be a santa's helper email me Friendly working conditions but the pay is lousy.
(santa hat is supplied)

Kogarah at 8

So much for Febuary

February 28th, 2005

Well the last day of Feb was a quiet one.
The passing traffic was more subdued than usual,only about 100 drivers needed slowing down to a safe speed.
Two convertibles today and one driver when he saw me and realized the error of his ways, applied the brakes and said a polite thank you.
When you watch cars as many hours as I have, you notice different things about drivers. Apart from the two today, people in convertibles don't seem to notice me or react like those in normal cars.
Maybe they're too busy thinking how to get a real car with a roof.
One young gent in a black sedan wound his window down, interrupted his hand held mobile phone call to tell me, to get a life.
Me get a life?
Buying a black car,I would think he spends his life keeping it clean. I wonder if this goose uses a bucket or a hose?
But what makes this "job" worthwhile was the lady in a 4WD who came along doing about 60 and saw me , her hand went to her mouth in shock and she slowed down and drove on wiser and richer.

Please pass on the web site and comments are most welcome.

Thanks to all the drivers of the RTA vehicles that toot and wave and who access the web site,and please ask your boss to buy some flashing lights.

Kogarah at 8

The Story so far.

February 27th, 2005

I have been at the Kogarah variable /school zone for three weeks now helping the RTA slow down traffic for the childrens safety.
By slowing the cars down to the legal speed they coincidentally don't get caught by the speed camera.

In 20003/2004 49,500 drivers did get caught and paid $6.5 million in fines. (RTA Figures)

Obviously to have this number of drivers caught speeding at this site with all the signage and road markings ,something is not working and childrens lives are in danger.

Drivers are not aware of school zone times,and what is needed are
" flashing lights ". When the lights are flashing it's school zone time and when they're not flashing, it's the normal posted speed.

Flashing lights are being "trialed" at other school zones but for some reason the highest grossing (in fines )speed cameras in NSW aren't included.

Some reason, or is it $6.5 million reasons?

I have e mailed Mr Costa, the new transport minister to come and have a look at the kogarah school zone and he is "looking" at the issues I've raised, and will get back to me "as soon as possible"

The solution is simple put up flashing lights and all the good drivers WILL slow down, and double the fines for those who don't.

In the meantime I will stay and wave my sign and all the passing motorists can snigger with me at the RTA/GOV.

This is the third week this year, so everyone can see that my protest is serious.

The lost revenue is nothing to the RTA/GOV but the embarrassment of me still being here, that could be a little more irksome.

Please pass on the web site and comments are most welcome

Kogarah at 8


February 23rd, 2005

Thanks to all who saw my banner and have tuned in .
I am at Kogarah to protest and at the same time to help unaware drivers to safely travel through this school zone and help the children.
I had quite a busy day today after a slow start, and slowed to the legal speed about 150 drivers.
One young driver actually defiantly sped up when he saw my forty sign.He and his mate were in the curb lane coming out of Rockey pt rd . He's in for a surprise in a few weeks.Or maybe his understanding grandmother will own up to driving the car and maybe even pay the fine as young drivers are picked on so much these days.
I emailed mr Costa ,our new roads minister about the debacle at kogarah and he has thanked me (through a staff member)and that he will reply to the issues I've raised "as soon as possible"
I will post my Email to him, and his reply ,as soon as possible.

I'm sorry this site isn't too flash ,and is a lot of words but to get a feel scroll back a few pages to "If you're talking about it we're talking about it" and you should get an idea what I'm about.Good or bad.

Kogarah at 8


February 21st, 2005

"Get A Life!"
These unkind words were yelled in my direction by a male driver in a black car
Five minutes later someone called out "Keep it up"
The plus' out number the minuses 1000 to 1.
I thought it was going to be a quiet morning but no, I would have brought about 80 cars down to the legal speed and about a 100 in the afternoon session. In the afternoon cars sweep around the bend heading to the city in packs playing follow the leader and if the lead drivers don't realize it's school zone time they all speed. But the next bunch can have aware drivers in front and they all come past in an orderly fashion.
I was told about 8.15 am that a woman after taking photos, had untied my sign from a lamp post and placed it against a wall. I gave her a friendly Santa wave as she took photos of me.
She didn't introduce herself to me and wandered off to south st and around the corner and maybe to physio, as the sign is made out of a solid core door.
Why only take my door down, what about the "Honey for sale" sign chained to the RTA post near south st?
If you are going to take down illegal signs take them all down included the "Botony bay sailing club" ones. Don't be so obviously selective. I've got date stamp pictures of the "honey" and "botony bay" signs,for my records.
No contact from anyone re my faulty speed camera video.

Kogarah at 8


February 20th, 2005

On Friday morning around 9 am I looked back at the south speed camera and lo and behold the flash was going off like the strobe light in an East Sydney night club. I took a video of this malfunctioning equipment and rang the media. Channel 7 would pass it on to "today tonight " The second time I rang "A current Affair" I was told that an "executive"producer was looking at it and took my number.

I still have the video footage of malfunctioning equipment at the busiest speed camera site in NSW .Who wants it?

Kogarah at 8


February 17th, 2005

Another day at the office and a very busy one. Last thursday was too ,we might have to call it "mad Thursday"
I slowed at least 200 cars (for the childrens safety)and my mate Jeff who was monitoring the peak side would've helped a few.

I read in the local Leader today that the kogarah MP Ms Burton still wants the speed cameras moved and to take away the school zone
I don't agree.
It does get very busy with school children when the bulk of them go into school and when they leave.
To have cars travelling at 60 klms when the kids all come out would be very dangerous,unless a safety fence is built along the eastern footpath.
There needs to be Flashing Lights and shorten the school zone time to suit the conditions. It's simple when the lights are flashing ,that means the speed limit is 40 klms and when the lights are on, that means the speed cameras are on.
Brain dead drivers will still speed and we don't need tham on the road. You can't put brains into statues.

Here am I in a full Santa suit holding up a huge sign, flailing my arm like a "goose" and some still speed past.

I like the statement today ,by Mr Willougby from the RTA trying to explain that one of the speed cameras on the Spit hill was only faulty when buses went past. Good one Paul. My next sleigh won't be a bus.

Why only buses, what about a truck or a pantech or don't those drivers have proof of innocence and they just have to cough up.

It's a telling sign, comarade, when a union,in this case The Rail, bus and Tram union come out and embarress a state labor government.

How's the M5 East going? Wasn't there a warranty? When it's handed back to the people,by the now operators, imagine the money it'll cost the taxpayer to get it all fixed up.

One question. If nearly halving the fine for speeding will make drivers slow down, would you have less illegal guns on the street if you nearly halve the penalties?

Install flashing lights at appropriate variable speed zones ,triple the number of Highway Patrol ,make the extra cars unmarked, book the bad guys and girls and leave the good drivers alone.

Kogarah at 8


February 16th, 2005

So much for all the camera angles . they used me in one line in a news item and that one statement they aired out of context. They forgot to use the soundtrack of "One flew over the cuckoos nest " in the back ground to complete the picture.

Now here a story line .

( Voice over)

At Kogarah in the southern suburbs of Sydney is a school zone with two speed cameras which is notorious for fleecing unsuspecting motorists and reaped for the state government $6.5 million in 2003/2004 alone

Now show some file tape of a speed camera flashing repeatedly .

File tape?

(For instance if a news item is about a aboriginal land claim , the clip that's normally used is the one with Koorri women, waist deep in a billabong collecting water lilies or a group dancing bare breasted in a city square.,or a hunter gatherer clubbing to death a goanna.
This footage helps when discussing a serious subject..)

Then through the front window of a vehicle, show school zone santa waving his arm madly to slow the car in front to the correct speed to avoid being a danger to children and coincidentaly also avoid being caught by the speed camera.
The voice over person can then explain why this Santa has been doing this.
since the start of the new school year and has saved drivers as much as $35,000 in fines in one day And he is making a laughing stock out of the RTA/GOV and everybodys loving it,.
He now has another santas' helper on the other side of the road.
Two more volunteers will make the road safer for the children at a "black spot" school zone at Gymea soon

How many "black spots" are there in Sydney?

If a school zone is a "black spot" it needs flashing lights and a speed camera too if they want.

School zone santa and his growing number of supporters wants the RTA to install "flashing lights " to help make drivers aware of school zone times.

Now the cameraman can take different shots of cars approaching ,santa waving and the brake lights coming on with the speed camera in the background. Shots of drivers waving ,drivers tooting, kids giving santa hi -fives. etc etc ........

All in all, a good human interest story.

Kogarah at 8

Hullo Channel Ten

February 16th, 2005

This morning it appears that Graham. was held up, possibly he was coming by train. So Jeff was santas' helper across the road.
After today's telegraph story Channel 10 was here to get some school zone footage. They filmed me doing my bit to slow down cars for the children and asked a few questions.
To lower the fine for speeding does nothing to make school zones safer, it can only make it worse.

"What the hell it's only $75 if I get caught, and if I lose my license because of the extra point who cares I'll just keep driving because there aren't enough cops around to catch me."
Look in the "p" plate driver category and you'll see whats needs to be done .triple the number of highway patrol and punish the bad drivers.
Kogarah at 2.30

Well well well

February 16th, 2005

Fines going down indeed (DT 16/2/05 )that's a new one.

To lower the cost of the fine and then add an extra demerit point means it'll cost less to loose your license faster.



February 15th, 2005

We need "Flashing lights" at all variable speed zones
The idea to slow down drivers outside schools is great, but in practice doesn't work.The problem as I see it, is that people can't get used to the times and the signs just don't stand out.
Which is hard to believe,because of their size.
The RTA must also think there is a problem because they still think it necessary to advertise on radio and put up up warning messages on their computer signs above roadways. Can you think of any new road rule that is advertised 3-4 years after implementation?
We had a new " merge" rule brought in , did you see any advertising about that . No because it's a rule that makes sense. If you only had to obey the "merge" rule between certain times Then see what would happen.
So to draw attention to school zones I decided to help the RTA to slow down drivers for the childrens safety. Obviously I would choose the worst "black Spot " at Kogarah ,to help the RTA because 49,500 drivers were fined $6.5 million there in 200/2004(RTA figures)
All these drivers (at school zone times )are endangering children.

This morning the mood was casual, but the pace quickened in the afternoon school zone time, and (I by myself) slowed about 130 cars today What's $143 X 130
I made a second sign today ,so Graham (santa's helper) should be there to slow the naughty people on the other side of the road tomorrow.
Kogarah at 8


February 14th, 2005

As I was putting my sign away an elderly gent walked up and shook my hand and told me what a good job I was doing and that I was a credit to myself.
Welcome encouraging words, but what was most telling to me was that he took my hand in both of his, when he shook it.

A lot more sincere than the handshake that Mark Latham gave Mr Howard
just before the election.

Just picture this if you will.
An old person on his death bed who is four breaths away from leaving this earth.
A relative, who this dying person hasn't seen for years turns up out of the blue to visit and just happens to have a fully made out will in their favour, and which will negate any current one and needing only a signature and witness to make it legal.
I'm certain that with a bit of persuasion it would be signed.

We know that Mr Latham was under doctors orders to have complete rest . but doctors also tell patients all the time, not to smoke , drink (alcohol),to avoid fatty foods and to excercise, etc.and not all take notice.
Why didn't one of Mr Latham's advisors realizing the importance of a statement about the Sunami at that time, write a press release(politicians have speech writers you know)and in between bouts of pain,and I am not making light of the pain he was suffering, get Mr Latham to sign it and release it to the media?

Another person a man about forty walks upon Friday when I'm about to leave "Hey are you the bloke that was on the Ray Hadley show and wants volunteers?"
I told him I was looking for sponsors.(I would like to break even)
"Can I help" he asked and to cut a long story short. Graham is on deck on Wednesday with a "It's school zone time" sign to help me, help the RTA slow cars for the children's safety.
Get this, the only person to put up their hand to help apart from all my e mailing friends is Graham ,who doesn't have car, sleeps in a derelict house is on methadone and HE sees merit in what I'm doing.

Just a spaced out junkie you might say but no he is a very personable articulate man (he'd handle a spot on TV) trying to better his situation. And there are two other people ready to take up the signs.
Where is there another "black Spot"? Gymea perhaps ,or should they go to the North Shore to tap into another market ,nearly everyone in the shire knows about school zone santa.

We need "flashing lights" at all variable speed zones.

I'll add this clipping and I don't know about copyright but I haven't time to type it out.
I can't do it I must be missing a step
It's on page 3 of 15/2/05 Daily Telegraph under the heading "brakes put on city speed cut "

Are 40 speed zones becoming a little too unpopular with drivers/voters?

It's three santa's helpers now.

A river starts with one drop of rain , there will be 4 drops (or should I say drips )soon..................

Kogarah at 8


February 14th, 2005

Well well well someone has pinched my signs that I had nailed to the lamp posts at the Kogarah variable /school zone site, with my web site name on them.
I have been amazed that they had been left there so long .
I wonder who took them ?
The Kogarah Council I believe is strongly against unauthorised signage cluttering up the landscape.
But if the council was having a "blitz" on signs, why were they so selective?
Why only mine ? what about the Botony bay sailing club banners on the Moorefields Fence , those bright green ones that have been all over the shire for years and the same colour green/yellow posters advertising an antique show, about a dozen from Tom Uglies to president ave Kogarah.
I don't think it was the council. Who was it?
There are more of my signs on the way !
There are toys that are called transformers (I think)A car that you can turn into a plane ,a plane that turns into a robot etc.
I have a badly tuned sleigh with full lengh roof racks and I can , with large sheets of plywood, that will open like a rose in the morning sun,and transform my sleigh from a Ford Ute into a very large billboard and with the right wording and placed alongside peak hour traffic ,say on the lower north shore, I should be able to generate some interest in that part of town.
I have some good news tomorrow or bad depends if you agree with me or not.

Back at 8

"When you're talking about it we're talking about it"

February 10th, 2005

When a person wants to do something, and he needs help he goes to someone who allegedly thinks the same. I heard on talk back that Ray agrees that the answer to the problem at school zones is "flashing lights" to warn drivers when it's school zone time.(he said wed 9/2 Flashing lights with solar power ,I don't agree. with solar power) see categories.)
The cost to the RTA would be huge so they aren't keen to install flashing lights at all. but they have found to their great delight, that even with all the signage people can't get used to the school zone speed limit times, so penalising drivers has become a lucrative pastime.

But we CAN change their mind.
If an unpopular policy is going to cost enough votes, they WILL change policy.
There is more money in being in power, than in opposition
Those in power get the biggest perks.

It is a bit disheartening by the lack of media response . It appears the TV were, with a bag of 40 pieces of silver (seasonaly adjusted)chasing after an alleged "enemy combatatant" or camped outside Nichols' house.

Speaking of alleged, as I was driving to kogarah, I heard on the 2GB news Fri 28 Jan ( pupil free day )an item about those two brothers convicted and sentenced for rape. This news item said that the two brothers had "allegedly" raped this young woman.
Excuse me, but when you are tried, convicted and sentenced the news room can drop the "alleged "tag.
Anyway I thought I had broken through AS I was mentioned on the Ray Hadley show. Excitedly I rang in to explain my cause to his listeners. Obviously I didn't come across to well ,because for a man who has been on the RTA 's back about flashing lights for three years( he said that this morning) I didn't get much air time as I thought I might.
He spends more time discussing the paintwork of a restaraunt, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the sponser pays for that light hearted banter too. The audience is, I think, not supposed to realise that they've just listened to a five minute advertisement.
If I was a little too passionate when I came on I'm sorry but
you would think Ray would've helped santa a bit. If I was a little Fuzzy .( Ihaven't been getting much sleep it's 4.18am now. a "calm down santa " in the voice he uses for old people, and children would have settled me down, as opposed to the voice he uses to tell off politicians.
Then he could have asked Questions like
Why are you doing this schoolzone?
How long will you be there .
Are you getting a reaction?
What does your wife think?
Are you on medication.?
Have the RTA been round?

The RTA were on my websit again yesterday .

How can they get rid of me?
Arrest me?
Just imagine the police prosecutor. "Your honour this man is charged with holding up a sign to remind motorists, that it's school zone time. To help ensure, the school chidren's safety he is using this sign to slow down speeding drivers,the drivers that numerous RTA signs and road markings are unable to do."

I can only put it down to the heat during the night,and subsequent lack of sleep, but if it weren't for me, this morning at least 70-80 drivers wed morning would've been booked. Whats 70-80 x $143

One of the other drivers crawling to work on the other side of the road might ring and tell you how I do it ( if he/she gets on)

Here's an email (Untouched apart From deleting name.)

I met you this am in your very hot santa suit. I have thought what you do to be inspirational.
However i wonder why you have poured so muych time and money into it. I am a great community supporter and believe in what you are doing. SMy boys attend the school on the highway i walk them there and some days drive. I think it is is awesome what you are doing and it amzes me what drives uou each day to do this in your Santa suit. I came back and rang 2GB 2GB and waited for 30 mins. Then the line was disconnected. I will try again. I will support you and the flashing lights system. Particularly in our area where we have 5 schools. The govt have stated in the Telegraph that there this area was the highest in NSW for revenue raising according to the Telegraph. Why dont you just leave the siggns maybe it will take some more people to be bookedto come on board with supportfor you cheers ........

and this one from "angry Motorist"7/2 1.31 pm

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for making me half an hour late for work today.
Everyone slows to a crawl to read your long winded sign which causes extreme traffic congestion.

The traffic was banked back way past St George Leagues Club this morning, not because of an accident, but because of you trying to make a political statement which most people really couldn't care less about.

You are making an extreme nuisance of yourself and putting a lot of people off side by doing so.

Furthermore, people are more likely to speed and drive dangerously through the later part of their morning journey to make up for the travel time which you have selfishly wasted.

It would be appreciated if you would refrain from such action in the future

I advised this "angry motorist" to go another way tommorrow and call the media, any media or Kogarah police. ( a well constructed letter,by the way. If you scroll down the site you'll see I am a bit "long Winded")

This morning I took up my normal spot near the city side camera because the cars "speed" against the peak flow. The reason the traffic is so bad there ,angry motorist, you goose (as ray would say)is the sheer volume of cars. Not my "Political" statement.
When the southern shire was all chicken farms and orchards REAL planners had a route marked out to take , distant future, traffic from the local roads using this proposed freeway . Get your map out and it should have dots and proposed freeway printed on it. But recently this government with GREATER forsight thought green trees and open space is better . So angry motorist get yourself some relaxation tapes because the traffic is not going to get any better.
The other motorists I put "offside" showed their anger with thumbs up signs and emails like this

7/2 10.43am From Jim

Thanks for doing something to bring this state government's revenue raising exercise to the public's attention.
I like your idea of the flashing lights to warn motorists of the variable speed limit zone. I think the government should also be installing a variable speed zone sign in this location, as they do on motorways. That way the actual speedzone could be displayed at the correct time of day, 40 or 60. It could be argued that these zones are a traffic hazzard because the drivers are distracted when they approach the zones and have to check the times on the signs and check their watches to see what speed limit applies.
If the government is fair dinkum about saving lives in these school zones and not just raising revenue, then they should have no problem using the funds collected to pay for these variable speed zone signs.

Keep up the good work.......

Not daunted by the short shrift, I thought I'd recieved on his show ,I 2 finger typed an email to Ray thanking for his help yesterday . I even had the temerity to suggest he ask his listeners how many of them had never been booked before school zones, I said his phones would fuse
In hindsight, I think that telling him how to run his show was my big mistake.

I included this e mail recieved 3 Feb 1.56 pm

I too have received 2 fines at Kogarah, the first time before I knew there was a speed limit change and the second one when I knew but my child was sick in the back seat and I was distracted for a moment. Had I received the first one in tha timely manner the 2nd one would probably not have occurred. This was a very costly exercise for my family and made me resent to govt immensely. I am glad child safety is a concern of the govt as I have two young children myself but this has made me feel very betrayed and duped by the govt as a law abiding citizen. My husband infact also received two fines in our letterbox on the same day. We were left shocked, upset at the enormous cost and felt unfairly treated as criminals by the govt.

I fully appreciate what you do and my kids love seeing you in the morning. The govt needs to treat it's citizens in a kinder manner than it did without using the 'moralistic' purpose of child safety for this money raising effort.

While I think of it, it appears that 99,000 rail commuters have refused to pay their fines $19.8 million in total (DT9/2/05)
My schoolzone criminals would have trouble renewing their regos if they tried that trick.
Maybe the lads in Mcquarie st can cross -link computers surely some of these train travellers own cars, or did someone stuff up and the computers between these departments aren't compatible.
If so I hope that this person was severly councelled or moved to another highly paid position in another department.

I listened and listened nothing . Close to 12 noon I rang a friend and asked him to ring 2GB to talk santa.
He rang back shortly after and told me he got the "brush off"
So I rang
"Would you like to talk to Ray?
"It's school zone santa here"
"yes Schoolzone"
" Did Ray get my email?" I asked in my polite voice.
I was put on hold and when she came back "yes Ray got your e mail"
In a slightly more serious voice I enquired why my mate had been given the brush off.
"We have a very busy show this morning."

Nothing personal Ray but if you still have that long winded letter I wrote to your boss last June(I have it here in "Documents") I did give you a big wrap , You do a lot of good and help a great many people and here's a chance to help thousands and thousands of good drivers in one go.I,m sorry If I might've come over a bit urgent but that's maybe due to my enthusiam and my Dutch heritage.
I thought you would help. Its not for me, but for all those other poor unaware bastards that are being screwed by the RTA/gov every day at school zones.
I'll write tomorrow about what happened yesterday ,I rang 2GB twice.
Unless I'm carted off to Baxter.

"Alleged" Smear campaign

February 8th, 2005

I spoke about sponsers yesterday. Hows this for an idea. Is there anyone out there who would like to advertise on the site Obviously if you are after a rta/gov contract it wouldn't be a good idea.

With help I am will stay "Sticking it to 'em," untill the next election if necessary, to get Flashing lights at variable speed zones.
Before I get to the serious stuff, thanks for logging on and please help me by calling the media and ask them why ,they aren't doing a story on me shafting the RTA/GOV at Kogarah. No media came this morning.
I'm here for the little people. I haven't a hidden agenda . And my "dorothy dixes" by my e mail supporters to talk back are ignored. "we don't vet our calls"
Yea right. More on that later.
Please pass on the web site. Keep the web speading wider.

Please help Santa help you. I can't do it all by myself.

I'm open for suggestions.

How many Articles and stories will it take before they take notice.
They don't seem to get it, and meanwhile good drivers suffer. Is my more direct action the way to go,or do we appeal to their better nature some other way?

Now the important stuff.

Fri 11/2/05 Idid take this page off the site for a couple of days because a Fairfax representitive said something about copyright.
I could just type it out word for word. scanning is easier.
It's meant to be a bit of harmless fun (there hasn't been much fun lately around here. the web site and my cause should get a bit publicity on the court steps, I need media.

Here's my bit of nonsense.

Well it had to happen sooner or later, or am I'm being a bit paranoid
The article below was in todays St george and Sutherland shire Leader.
Now it was very warm on the day this young reporter ( He'll go a long way) came up and asked to do a follow up story on the one he did in December. I was a little heat stressed and mumbled something, and off he went.
Well I'm Floored ,Everything I said has been totally taken out of context and I strenously deny all infered charges.
Mrs Santa and I have a very loving relationship, only last week I was getting off to sleep ,in the spare room out the back ,and I was thinking what a lucky man I was to have a wife like her. She hadn't being feeling well for a while and her GP told her it was a very rare condition and the only remedy was for us to have separate rooms. I've searched medical books but can't find this malady mentioned anywhere though, but if that's what the doctor said, well that's all right with me.
My wife and I are very close,why only yesterday I saw her when I drove out to go to Kogarah(we have seperate entrances) There she was, happy as a lark mowing the front lawn.It's a rather large lawn and because of her bad hips,she has to start early.
I gave her a friendly santa wave, but she can't have seen me because she didn't wave back.

So mr Adam Leto, If that's your real name, have a go at me, by all means, I accept that's part of my job, but leave my family out of it. Next you'll be saying that my son's gay ( not that there's anything wrong with that)just to upset the missus,so what If he's good at dressmaking.
Any more of this sort of scurrilous reporting and you'll hear from my legal people.

I've highlighted the most distessing section

Back at kogarah at 8.

the rta logged on again ,hi guys.

February 8th, 2005

I put the extra sign out today (monday)to win some more of you over to the "cause" "FLASHING LIGHTS AT ALL VARIABLE SPEED ZONES" or did you just come for a peek at the rude picture.(look for the naughty picture link it's down there.)

I had a look at the stats for the 6/2/05 and guess what, my friends from the RTA have been having a look again. Hi guys. You were right on top of the list, you accessed the most pages, but then you have to fill your day in some way don't you.
I'm still waiting for you to e mail the figures from this time last year and this year, so I can post a comparison for the other visitors.

I wonder if loitering outside a school in disguise is a reason to have me moved on.
I might have a rocket propelled grenade in my santa bag, that could be a reason.(one way to get Aljezzera tv at kogarah)

I will be taking the afternoons off for now, but I have a couple of other ideas up my red sleeve.

Why does ever body know Dick Smith.
It's because he is good at self promotion.
Remember the "ice berg" being towed down Sydney Harbour, during our last big drought.It turned out to be a barge with a fake iceberg on it covered in white plastic.
On the subject of aviation, he said he could take a "jumbo"under the harbor bridge.He did, an elephant on a barge.
(He must've had a mate with a barge.)

Everytime Sir Richard Branson launches a new business enterprise, he does it with a stunt that puts him in the world media.
When I was typing sir Richard ,I thought why isn't it, Sir Dick Smith but then Dick says things, as they are and that kind of honesty doesn't always please the "right" people.

Of course I'm only a ""tiddler" but I know that you can have a million web sites and nobody knows about them unless, you make them stand out.
Remember over the eastern suburbs, sky writing(paid for by other peoples money) froggy.com How's the prison tucker Karl?
Karl's gone, as well as lots of innocent peoples money, but we still know froggy.com.

Back at Kogarah at 8 am

Santas's week at kogarah

February 6th, 2005

Well it's be an up and down week for me, but very good for the hundreds of drivers I slowed down ,to help keep the children safe, and coincedentily before they were caught by the speed camera.

I have found it amazing though that only 2 people have taken the trouble to thank me for saving them at least $143 + points. One a young man who walked up to me a gave me 6 stubbies because he said I had saved him from a fine I and the second thanked me by email.
I assume that all the rest, think that I?m just doing my job.that someone is paying me.
I think my sign is a bit too professional and it could be an advertising gimmick.
could be they think I've recieved a road safety grant
Perhaps I could get one from ATSIC, they seem to have plenty of money.
I should ask sugar ray for a loan.

Please don't get me wrong I'm not there for the money ,but why would anyone stand there, (unless he was paid )in the hot sun, in a santa suit, waving a sign in front of complete strangers , coincedentily saving them money,and perhaps even their license.
Only a fool like me it appears, with the help of my poor long suffering family.

I'm not doing this for reward , but I would like to somehow break even.

I?m doing it to try and get "flashing lights" at all variable speed zones.

Better men than I and a lady have advised and lobbyed to no avail.See "SEE CRANKY DRIVERS MAKE CRANKY VOTERS" Futher down the site.

I,m doing this for the people who drive the long way, so they don't have to pass this school zone "in case they forget"

I'm doing for the elderly people who don't drive during school zone time "in case they forget"

I'm doing it on behalf of all the people who have emailed me.

All the facts and figures are in the pages below and I have so much
More information to add

News clippings about speed cameras.
I've collected information and observations about RTA waste.

As Alan Jones (2GB) once said about government "It?s easy to spend other people?s money."

I don't have the IT. skills to add more to the website, all this cut and paste and drag nonsense.
I get a lot of "you have preformed an illegal operation" and "there has been an end line error, do you wish to debug now" and all Mortein does is make the key board sticky.
I can't justify spending more money to pay to have it done so If there's any "nerd' out there who can help me (maybe someone who has been caught-out at a school zone) I would be grateful.

If I could get $5 for every driver I stopped coincdentily, from getting fined I wouldn't have to work after hours, and weekends to try to keep some money coming in.
$10 and I could buy a place in New Zealand's South Island and go bush walking with Mr Carr when he retires.

I don?t envy Mr Carr, to run a state as big as NSW must be difficult

But he shouldn't slap people, (a lot who would have voted for him) in the face with these stupid ,demeaning fines.

Speaking of leaders, Mr Brogden had better look over his shoulder , because if he makes any more blunders like he did over the police operation "AUXIN" his leadership could well be in danger, because with all the strife concerning
Hospitals, trains, teachers, water etc,a rainbow lorrikeet with a club foot could lead the liberal party and win the next election (no offence meant to any handicapped lorrikeets).

The last week has been rewarding having saved so many drivers from fines, coincidently of course, as I?m just helping the RTA slow the cars to make the area safer for the children. (flashing lights would do the same as me) and I love the friendly waves from all the passing drivers and the children who are always happy to see Santa,and being the middle child in a famiy of nine, it's feels good to be noticed.

And by the way every police person that I?ve seen, have returned my wave. Car loads of police, not just the driver but all occupants of the car wave as they pass by.

What does that tell you?
The rank and file police do a great job under difficult circumstances, and don't want to be linked to decisions that inept politicians make. These police have to bear the anger out there because, good drivers gets caught-out at school zones at say, 8-10 am when there's not a kid within cooee, because they're still at home having weetbix.

I?m on your side guys.

I would like more feedback fellow motorists, even from you, Mr RTA.

The RTA has Logged on my website 5 times, so far, twice on 3/2/05, so they know I'm there.

I?m sure that the 49,500 drivers that were fined $6.5 million in 2003/2004.at this site alone. (RTA figures) would love to hear them explain how getting a $143 fine in the mail 4/5 weeks later, helps the school child that could?ve been killed by this "speeding? driver. When if there had been "flashing lights" at the school the driver would almost certainly have slowed down.
The ones that don't slow down (and some morons won't) at "flashing light" controlled schools Zones double the fines.

How many drivers have been driving for 30/40 years,and have never had a ticket until school zones

I wish I had a twin I?d love to slow the cars on the other side of the road (for the children?s sake of course).It pains me to see the flash over there,because that unaware driver just lost $143.00

Back on Monday

School zone Santa needs help

February 2nd, 2005

And I don't mean in a medical sense, (that's debateable)for me to stay at Kogarah.
I do need help. I'll do my bit to slow you down, if you forget, or don't realise its school zone time, for the kiddies safety(not because you will get caught by the speed camera.)
A lot of people think that "school zone santa" is some sort of business,and I'm trying to sell something.
I'm not. It's one bloke who wants to help.
Santa is an ordinary family man spending his time and hard earned money after hours at the moment to try and bring flashing lights to variable speed zones. but to stay here (till the next election if necessary)
I need help
Is there someone out there that could sponser me?
I'll wear your brand sunnies
I'll wear your brand undies
Santa must need a pretty healthy breakfast cereal.( crunchy nut perhaps?)
I'll wear your brand of deodorant(It gets pretty hot in a santa suit.)
I'll even wear a sports bra, like Venus Williams does, (don't tell Mrs santa)if it means that I can stay here"sticking it up the RTA" till we get "flashing lights" at Kogarah

How are your figures now Mr RTA ?
I know by my web stats, that do you come on my site.
Email me your figures from this time last year and of the last few days and I'LL PUT THEM ON THE SITE.



January 31st, 2005

This morning I added a yellow safety vest over my santa jacket so I would be noticed and slowed down lots and lots of cars to help the RTA make the road safer for the school kids.
It has been pointed out to me though, that by me slowing the cars, they don't get caught by the nearby speed camera.
Crikey that means that the RTA/GOV must be losing thousands and thousands of dollars because I can see the no 2 camera up the road flashing like a coach load of Japanese tourists at a koala santuary,and very few drivers get past me breaking the law.
The two speed cameras average about the same revenue.
$3.5 and $3.2 million in 12 months, (2003/2004 RTA figures)

But then speed cameras aren't about the money are they?

Seriously, one thing I might suggest, is to erect a safety fence along the Eastern footpath because when school does come out even 40 klms is too fast and the footpath gets very congested and a bit of innocent sky larking could have tragic consequences.


Schoolday no 1 (pupil free day)

January 28th, 2005

Hello fellow motorists
Well Friday 28th Jan was my first day this year "on station" at the school zone at kogarah and I must admit I did feel a bit foolish crossing the road in my santa suit to get to my spot.

But after I easily managed to slow traffic down to the legal 40 klm, something that the RTA with all their signs ,road markings and speed cameras has trouble doing,I felt a lot less self conscious.

Slowing the cars down made it so much safer for the children.

By coincidence there was a photographer there from the telegrah and a camera man from channel 10.

Although they both did use me,they were there not for School zone santa, but because these are the biggest money making speed cameras in NSW ($6.5 million in 12 months, 2003/2004)and to see mutiple camera flashs with cars and their unsuspecting drivers in the foreground always makes a news filler.

Back on Monday,unless the RTA installs "flashing lights"over the weekend.

"Cranky drivers make cranky voters"

January 27th, 2005

Hello fellow motorists,

Well another school year starts tomorrow and in the next few weeks the first of this years school zone speeding infringement notices will be in the mail.

Maybe the NEW roads minister Mr Costa will give the school/variable speed zone problem urgent consideration.He appears to be a no nonsense type of person.

But would he admit that if 49,500 drivers get fined in one year, at one location at Kogarah, even with all the signs and 2 speed cameras,something else needs to be done.


Of course people should know about school zones ,and do, the signs and road marking are there.But by the numbers of good drivers being caught out it's obvious that people just aren't always aware.

People have emailed me that they've had an unblemised license for 30/40 years untill school/variable speed zones.

You can be distracted by something or some idiot driver on the mobile all over the road and miss the signs and bingo there's a letter from the Hunter region 3/4/5/ weeks later with a bill for about $143 or worse and the loss of points.

The Labor member for Kogarah Ms Burton agrees "that motorists were being treated unfairly" at Kogarah and is "Lobbying to have the cameras moved" (See newspaper article)

I heard on 2GB News that Ms Burton is a senior adviser to Mr Carr, and by the date on the news clipping she has been lobbying for over 2 months now and the cameras haven't been "moved" as yet. But as she IS a senior adviser, things are bound to happen soon.

I say LEAVE the cameras there, put ten cameras there if you want, just add flashing lights too.

The NRMA wants flashing lights at Kogarah.

The staysafe committee chairman Mr Paul Gibson (Labor)says that there's "something wrong" with the site.
(This is where there is supposed to be a link to show what Mr Gibson said ,but I can't get this PC to do it.)
In the newspaper article in the shire leader he said "nobody in their right mind is fined or loses points,on purpose.Common sense dictates it is time to look at the road environment in the area"


I know one thing, that cranky drivers make cranky voters, and how many thousands and thousands of cranky voters will there be by the next election?

All the people that have emailed me agree that if we do need schoolzone at Kogarah, flashing lights are needed too.

With an overhead pedestrian bridge, a fence down the centre of the road and two sets of traffic lights is a school zone really necessary?

If this section of road is such a "black spot" that it needs two speed cameras, who gave permission to have that enormous advertising TV screen above one of the busiest intersections in the south (Cnr Rocky Point Rd and Princes Hwy
A static billboard is one thing, but to allow this gross distraction 100 meters from one of the speed cameras seems a little strange even hypocritical Maybe the RTA doesn't have a say over this sort of sign/TV but they can legally bulldoze a row of houses to widen a road, whether the home owners like it or not, so they do have a bit of clout.

Maybe Mr Costa as roads minister, if he is truly concerned about road safety, should have a chat to the mayor of Kogarah and the RTA staff that gave the OK.

If the land and environment court was involved, that shouldn't be a problem, it wasn't when there was an adverse ruling against the government at a waste trasfer facility..

Since writing the above I've rang the Kogarah council and was told that both the council and the rta had given permisson for ths TV/sign to be erected.

Hello Fellow Motorists

December 23rd, 2004

Story in Leader 23/12/2004 amp;

There was a photo here that was in the Leader newspaper which a passing reporter took on the first morning I was there. For some reason the archives are missing most photos

Thank you to the St George and Sutherland Shire Leader for the article in today's paper.

There is one point however I would like to clarify. I am NOT there to slow the motorists for the speed cameras.

I'm there to slow the drivers for the school children's safety.

That is the whole point of school zones. Even with all the signs and the two speed cameras, 49,500* drivers were caught speeding at this variable speed zone in the 12 months of 2003-2004.

Drivers are just NOT aware of when it is school zone time.

We ARE NOT all clock watchers, when we drive. So I feel it is my duty to help make this school zone safer for the children, until the RTA installs flashing lights at Kogarah to make drivers AWARE of school zone times.

* as this is a variable speed site, not all the drivers are caught during school zone times, but 'after-hours' when the speed limit is 60kms.

I stood at Kogarah during school zone times all Febuary 2005 slowing down cars and the story it's highs and lows are all in the archives section on the right of page.

I over the years recieved many emails here a three

December 19th, 2004

So far I have stood in the sun in a cheap Santa suit for six hours on Thursday and Friday during schoolzone time waving my ?It?s schoolzone time? sign slowing down numerous drivers to the 40km limit for the children?s safety. Coincidently they also avoided being caught by the ?Fixed Speed Camera? nearby.
There has been a friendly reaction from the passing drivers even a "thumbs up" from police Paddy wagon and and a wave from a truck of RTA employees

Just a thought about our police.

The next time you?re stopped and given a random breath test, say ?Thank you officer, you?re doing a good job?

Because the next drunk that is caught could?ve been the one that comes through a red light and puts you in the grave.