21 hours.

August 3rd, 2009

Last week a speed camera in Cleveland st Moore park was featured in the media.


$7 million in fines from 71,288 drivers in a variable speed school zone.

How may of these speeding fines were for outside school zone time "speeding"?

I emailed the Telegraph


Dear sir,
Tony Morrison of Chifley "In the slow lane" (DT 1st AUG) didn't go to court to contest a speeding fine, because "there's no point as you still loose your points," which is just what the RTA/GOV relies on.
Imagine if all the 71,288 drivers caught in one year by the school zone speed camera in Cleveland street went to court, there would be a backlog for many years.
There is no excuse for speeding in a school zone, but most (as exposed by the NRMA) have instead of flashing lights, inadequate or obscured signage.
How many of the 71,288 speeding infringements at the Cleveland st site were actually in school zone time, or rather were for drivers detected cruising through this area after hours a few kl/mhs over the changed (for that bit of road) speed limit?
Speed camera as a road safety tool have there place but what's really needed on the road to catch the real offenders, are more highway patrol in unmarked cars
Invariably people caught doing ridiculous speeds and other illegal activity behind the wheel, are caught by unmarked police patrols.
Speed cameras are seen by government as handy cash registers on posts, and unlike real police, don't need superannuation, holiday pay, sick pay etc or heaven forbid, demand a fair wage for the difficult job they do.

Regards Hans Stephens

Headline letter in this morning's paper,


For "space" reasons my letter has been edited and it appears that although I say there's no excuse for speeding, I ALSO say take your case to court.



Greedy camera and Graffiti

July 31st, 2009

Front page Telegraph story about school zone variable speed cameras in Cleveland st Moore Park making $7 million in one year.

Questioned about this amount Mr Daly replied, "What's a child's life worth?"

If children's lives are so worthwhile why not spend that $7 million on
Olsen style flashing lights?

How many $1.000 flashing lights units can you get for $7 million?

Graffiti article in the same paper


One low life sentenced to 500 hours community service.

What happens when he doesn't front up?

What happens if if he does show enthusiasm for cleaning graffiti?

Look at the state of this compartment, how long till the new Waratah carriages look like this?

Original Message -----
From: LOP
To: stephens1510
Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 8:26 AM
Subject: Re: Fw: Graffiti and how to get votes

Thanks Hans for your email.

I have written a letter that I will post to you regarding this matter.

I share your concerns regarding graffiti - and that we need to combat it.


UPDATE 12 .10 pm

I ve just rung Ian Hampton about the demo, but because of lack of numbers he's called it off

Did Tim Soden from 2GB's newsroom ring you I asked, I gave him your number


said Ian

I know the newsrooms busy, but here we have a farmer with a genuine grievence starving up a pole for 35 days.

No time for a 30 second phone call?

If Ian's phone was unanswered, Mr Soden could've called me to get Ian to contact 2GB.

Were're not talking about the normal news item here, like a burst water main in some back street, but a starving bloke up a pole for 35 days and "the tough but humane" Prime minister couldn't care less..

Thank you Tim Soden

Good luck Peter Spencer


Barry O'Farrell MP
Shadow Minister for Western Sydney
Member for Ku-ring-gai
T: 02 9230 2270
F: 02 9221 8208



The letter that the NSW Opposition leader has written for me in reply to ones I sent on June 29 and July 21 (further down this page) hasn't arrived as yet.


I'm worried about this line in the article about the Waratah train,

"The project will provide jobs for western Sydney at a state-of-the-art, $220 million maintenance facility in Auburn, which will employ more than 100 people."

"state of the art", the Collins class submarines were "state of the art" as were the "millennium trains." and the school zone flashing lights that break down are also "state of the art"

State of the art means over-engineered and expensive.

$430 million or road safety ?

July 27th, 2009

Victoria Gov collected $430 million in fines in one year from speed cameras

Mobile camera plan to cut NSW road toll Alexandra Smith
July 25, 2009

THE Roads Minister, Michael Daley, favours the introduction of covert mobile speed cameras to discourage dangerous driving as the state's worsening road toll stands at 235 deaths this year.

It is understood Mr Daley supports mobile cameras, which are used in Victoria and Queensland, even though his predecessor, Eric Roozendaal, refused to install them in school zones while he was the roads minister.


I don't care if they have more speed cameras, but not if they replace police.

We need more unmarked highway patrol not less.

The Police opposition Police spokesman Mike Gallacher has the right idea.
He says in the article:

"the most effective way to reduce the road toll was to increase highway police patrols, not hidden speed cameras."

My post on 10 JUNE titled


In The Daily Telegraph 10/06/09

What "new technologies" could be used to rein in speeding drivers?

What about the "point to point cameras" (to be used only for trucks), for all drivers?

More speed cameras that only catch the unwary average driver.

What about tripling the Highway Patrol and all new cars to be unmarked, ......there's a novel idea.

No, speed cameras work 24 hours , don't need superannuation, sick leave or annual leave.

A small story now, but one that can have a big impact later.



More schools are to be protected

July 27th, 2009
Schools in the Ryde area are to get Peter Olsen's "check speed" flashing lights.



School zone lights campaigner Peter Olsen has today announced that all schools in the Ryde electorate are to get school zone flashing lights, thanks to the support of Rotary.

"In May this year Ryde Council gave approval for the installation of privately funded flashing lights in the Ryde area, at the request of local MP Victor Dominello. The first set was installed at Denistone East Public School on 15 May.

"Following the success of those lights the Rotary Club of North Ryde, in conjunction with other local Rotary clubs, has offered to raise the funds required to allow the lights to be rolled out to all schools in the Ryde electorate.

"The rollout has already commenced, with flashing lights going live today on Coxs Rd at North Ryde Public School, a short distance from where a boy was critically injured by a car wheel in May while waiting for a bus.

"Work is well advanced on installations at a number of other schools, with all schools expected to have flashing lights by the end of the current school term.

"This is an important community initiative aimed at greatly increasing the safety of children at local schools.

"A flashing lights fund has been set up with Bendigo Bank, which is also helping to fund the lights. Any individual or business that is interested in supporting the project should contact Bendigo Bank at North Ryde.

For more information contact:
Peter Olsen

More details onother schools on


Graffiti are there consequences?

July 22nd, 2009



Will he pay the compensation??


I suggest Mr Williams does a bit of graffiti in Singapore.

29/10/09 Another teen graffiti vandal caught and given a caution.


Did his parents pay for the graffiti removal?


Graffiti charge

A CRONULLA man will appear in Sutherland Shire Court next month to answer charges relating to a graffiti incident at Loftus.

Sutherland police say they saw the man, 22, using white paint and a roller to paint a wall at Loftus Oval on August 7.

Police seized the paints and roller and the man with damaging property maliciously.

He was granted conditional bail and will appear in court on September 3.

22 Sept.09

What happened in court?


Teens arrested after graffiti found
5/10/2009 10:41:00 AM
Sutherland police arrested two teenagers from Sutherland and Woronora on Friday for graffiti offences.
Police allege the male pair, aged 15 and 14, are responsible for graffiti sprayed on Railway Street, Jannali at 10.20pm on Thursday.

Police gave the teenagers official cautions for malicious damage, and possessing spray paint can with the intent to damage or deface property.

Did the teenagers or maybe their parents clean off the damage or pay to do it?

Police commander vows to tackle graffiti head on
13/08/2009 1:17:00 PM


Higher priority: Acting Superintendent Jenny Hayes and Barry Collier inspect graffiti at Miranda. Picture: Chris Lane

The only way graffiti can be slowed is for there to be consequences if you do it.

Bath rd Jannali

I have emailed (June 29) our State Opposition leader,

Let's see what his thoughts are on the graffiti curse.


----- Original Message -----
From: stephens1510
To: barry.ofarrell@nsw.liberal.org.au
Sent: Monday, June 29, 2009 6:17 PM
Subject: Graffiti and how to get votes

Dear Mr O'farrell,
Graffiti is an ever increasing problem and needs a strong response to deter the morons that do it.
The Singapore way is to cane the offenders and that seems to work.
This punishment, even though it would certainly alleviate our graffiti vandalism, would never happen here.
To show that graffiti vandalism has consequences, maybe a "graffiti camp" may help.
Set up a camp out West with a high fence topped with razor wire, basic accommodation, basic facilities, basic food and where people can be sent to for graffiti offences and have to clean prepared spray painted brick walls every day of their sentence.
The staff there have authority to add extra days onto the sentence of anyone who refuses to co operate with the cleaning task.

Counselling, conferencing and community service won't work on these anti-social vandals, who have no regard for authority.

What happens now when people don't turn up for community service?

When people know that to get caught doing graffiti means a month, cleaning graffiti off a brick wall, with no TV, video games, and mates, day after day, this may get some result.
Compared to the cost of cleaning damage now, setting up and running a graffiti camp I think would be worth a go.

To show strong leadership on cracking down this problem will be appreciated by almost everyone out here.

Yours faithfully
Hans Stephens


Will it be a..... "thank you for your email, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible."
UPDATE: July 2 No reply from Mr OFarrell's office as yet
UPDATE July 21

As I haven't heard back from the opposition leader Barry O'Farrell's office in answer to my earlier email, I sent another last night, this time adding my website url


From: stephens 1510
To: barry.ofarrell@nsw.liberal.org.au
Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 11:25 PM
Subject: Fw: Graffiti and how to get votes

Dear Mr O Farrell,
I have resent this email as I have had no acknowledgement as yet, of my original.
As you can see on my website www.schoolzonesanta.com in the category "2007 NSW ELECTION" I have an interest in politics and see the need for a change.
The category "Railcorp waste" and "RailCorp bullies loyal tenant" shows that I can be persistent.
Graffiti is blight on the landscape and needs someone with a will to introduce strong measures to combat this crime.
Also maybe a bit of corporate responsibility mightn't go astray.
Super Cheap Auto were selling 5 cans of spray paint for $10.
Perhaps a levy on spray cans to help pay for graffiti removal,(or to fund a "graffiti camp") ?

Thanks for your time
Yours faithfully
Hans Stephens


This morning 9 hours later came back:


Original Message -----
From: LOP
To: stephens1510
Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 8:26 AM
Subject: Re: Fw: Graffiti and how to get votes

Thanks Hans for your email.

I have written a letter that I will post to you regarding this matter.

I share your concerns regarding graffiti - and that we need to combat it.



Barry O'Farrell MP

NSW Liberal Leader
Shadow Minister for Western Sydney
Member for Ku-ring-gai
T: 02 9230 2270
F: 02 9221 8208


Update 17/08/09

As I hadn't recieved a letter I emailed Mr O'Farrell again;

14/08/2009 9:48:09 pm >>>

Dear Mr O'Farrell,
thank you for your reply to my email (below-)
The letter you had written to me has not arrived as yet, and appears to have gone astray, could you perhaps email it to me to save time.

Graffiti is once again the cover story in our local paper

and anyone that takes a hard stand against it will get the votes.

yours faithfully
Hans Stephens

And today came this reply:

----- Original Message -----
From: LOP
To: stephens1510
Sent: Monday, August 17, 2009 8:03 AM
Subject: Re: Fw: Graffiti and how to get votes

Thanks Hans - let me follow it up for you.



Barry O'Farrell MP


UPDATE 27/08/09 A LETTER FROM MR O'fARRELL HAS ARRIVED, I'll post it when I see some policy annoucement on youth crime


Waratah st Kirrawee

I thought today (before I accessed my emails) I should contact the Liberal's answer to the local Labor incumbent MP Barry Collier, but I don't know who he is.

Back in '07 it was a Mr Annesley and although his name does comes up regarding rugby league, it's Mr Collier that I see in the local paper out and about doing his best for the community.

Who is taking on Mr Collier, who holds this seat by a handful of votes?
Going back to my email to the transport minister David Campbell
(July 5 09 )about those cameras at Cronulla (see "RailCorp waste" category)

The response was, in part

"Your correspondence has been noted and will be given all necessary attention."

Would that mean into a shredder, or will they get rid of the evidence of waste, and move the cameras to where they will do more good.

Public purse

July 22nd, 2009

The excuse for more speed cameras is "It's for road safety" even when the areas targeted are more often for revenue raising

Traffic control at roadworks, (any work,)is going the same way.

The cost of the Sutherland to Cronulla rail line duplication has gone from $106 million to $231 million (and counting) and is years behind schedule.

There are numerous access points all along the line.

As well as an abundance of warning signs, and witches hats there are also stop/go paddle men.

When I drive onto the road when I go to work, I have to make sure the coast is clear... all by myself.

How much is this so called "traffic control" rort costing?

No it wasn't lunchtime.
and it's not lunchtime outside Sylvania High in Bellingara rd at Miranda.

I did some work at Frank Vickery Village on Wednesday, up the road parked near lots of witches hats and roadwork sign was a traffic control truck and on board two green clad blokes resting till the signs etc needed to be retrieved at the end of the day.

I drove past today, Fri 11.30 and this van( pictured below) was parked with it's compliment of two safety green clad workers resting on board.

O, H and S has it's place for worker safety of course, but is this a case of overdoing it a bit and is it safety or an expensive overservicing?

Siesta at Sylvania.


Last November I posted this.....

I have a couple more questions,

Why on Oak road by the Kirrawee Raiway Station on Tuesday morning, were there 3 green safety vested traffic controllers on a 25 meter section of well signposted "one way" section of road?

This piece of roadway has been one way for months, not alternating, but one way..

This is O,H and S gone mad, and at what cost?

Why has the cost of the Rail Duplication project gone up from
$106 million to $341 million and is 2 years behind schedule?

What's the big deal with three men looking after traffic?

No big deal in isolation, but extrapolate this excess all over the network and then add up the cost.

Traffic Control a growth industry?

This truck I spotted in Peakhurst and they could be importing stop/go men from Queensland going by the license plates.

Clearway chaos

July 15th, 2009

Coles and Woolworths have fooled people into believing that you can get something for nothing.

All you have to do is buy $30 of their high priced groceries, take the receipt to a Shell or Caltex garage and you get 4 cents off per litre of petrol.

Fantastic, if you have an empty tank and you put in 60 litres that's a whopping $2.40 saving.

At the Caltex garage on the Princes Highway at Carrs Park the high number of these highly intellectual drivers are queuing up for their (up to) $2.40 and stuffing up the kerbside clearway lane while they wait for room on the forecourt.

Frustrated drivers are desperately trying to get around these morons, a very dangerous maneuver in peak hour traffic.

The vehicle with the trailer couldn't drive in and just sat there and waited for someone to move on in the garage.

There will be a serious accident there when someone risks a lane change at the wrong time to get around these fools.

That car couldn't get in either maybe a $189 fine might make a difference.

Driving home after I took the photos I had to get out of the blocked clearway lane on the Princes Highway at Gymea.

Why?...... a car was waiting for space at another 4 cent discount garage.

After all this waiting and finally filling up, let's hope they don't reward themselves for their highly profitable transaction by buying a Picnic bar at the counter and thereby blowing the discount.

Where are the Police when you need 'em.
UPDATE: 21 July.
The sign was there this morning but gone at 3.00pm as I drove home this afternoon.

Point to point speed cameras

July 10th, 2009

Today there was a road safety meeting with GOV RTA and other groups to discuss the road toll that is way up from this time last year.

The current roads minister on radio said that speed is still a major factor in accidents.

I have suggested in letters and throughout this site for more Highway Patrol, IN UNMARKED CARS.

Will they now go for the "point to point" speed camera option, and utilize all the road sensors appearing in a roadway near you

Corporate Responsibility

July 5th, 2009

Last Sunday an article appeared in the Sunday Telegraph no doubt following the saga of Ute-gate.
It was all about fake emails and a step by step guide how they are done giving website links.
As you can see by my category "Is there corporate responsibility in advertising" I think that media have to act responsibly.

Credit to the Sunday Telegraph that they can handle a critical letter.

A headline waiting to happen.

July 3rd, 2009

I'm sorry there were pictures of my letters to papers, as well as the Hansard page link but what happened with them I don't know (20/10/2016)

Is there waste in Railcorp projects?

I told RailCorp that 12 security cameras in a 30 space car park was
"A headline waiting to happen" see "RailCorp waste" category.

I've had a 4 column headline letter about this car park in the Daily Telegraph beforein December last year also with a four column heading and in today's tele was....

It was the policy of a tobacco company in America to totally ignore the first letter of people complaining of getting sick from smoking their products.

80% of people didn't write again.

I won't stop untill most of those cameras are removed.


I emailed the transport Minister

Original Message -----
From: stephens1510
To: keira@parliament.nsw.gov.au
Sent: Sunday, July 05, 2009 7:43 AM
Subject: RailCorp

Dear Minister,
earlier this year you wrote to me and said you would get the RailCorp's CEO to contact me.after I questioned the need for there to be 12 security cameras in the 30 space staff only car park adjacent to the Cronulla Railway Station.
He did email me and said that the security was because of the, "continuing problem with graffiti vandalism and theft."
But that didn't explain the need for (on average) 2 cameras per car most working days, when there are 16 cameras for the 400 car spaces in the 4 story commuter car park on rail property at Sutherland station.

That "chaser" sketch about cancer kids that caused outrage in the community, came on TV after passing many ABC staff who should have said no to it being aired.

How many RailCorp staff couldn't see this obvious waste of tax payers money at Cronulla to have that number of cameras, as well as the security fence and that earlier 24 hour security guard.

I said at the time, it was a "Headline waiting to happen" (two banner headlines in the Telegraph letter's page so far, and Hansard

http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/prod/PARLMENT/hansart.nsf/V3Key/LA20081127042 )

In the scheme of things this matter is small change for RailCorp, but when such obvious waste is overlooked and excused, I wonder how much more is going on in RailCorp, apart from those matters already under investigation now at ICAC.

Your job is tough enough without having to cover for incompetents signing off on blatant waste for all to see.

Thank you for your time.

Yours faithfully
Hans Stephens

This has come back

----- Original Message -----
From: Minister Campbell's Office
To: stephens1510
Sent: Monday, July 06, 2009 12:16 PM
Subject: RE: RailCorp

Thank you for your e-mail to the Hon David Campbell MP, Minister for Transport and Minister for the Illawarra.

Your correspondence has been noted and will be given all necessary attention.


Office of the Minister for Transport
Minister for the Illawarra
Ph: 9228 3777
Fx: 9228 3722 .

To be continued.......

Back to base.

July 2nd, 2009

Yesterday (July 1st) as I went past the flashing school zone lights on The Kingsway Miranda opposite University rd, they weren't flashing and it was school zone time.

It was very close to 4.00pm so I thought maybe my timepiece was out.

This afternoon at 2.45pm they weren't working.

Hhow long they have been faulty is anyone's guess.

This same set was out for a week once before.

Meanwhile Peter Olsen's "el cheapo" lights in Lurgano and Peakhurst have been 100% reliable for three years, (apart from RTA installed power supply faults)

The RTA and Roads minister make a big deal out of the necessity of having "back to base" fault monitoring on the flashing light units.

Maybe because of the reliability of the preferred expensive units maybe they do need this feature.


At 3.45pm this afternoon the afore mentioned flashing lights were back in operation.

Repaired .. or is it intermittent fault?

Graffiti # 3

June 30th, 2009

The Telegraph did a spread once again on the curse of graffiti vandals



(highlight whole link and drag into browser)

A GRAFFITI artist who escaped from a storm water drain in a flash flood that killed two of his best friends has told a court they were painting in the drain because there was "a lack of legal walls in Sydney."


"Lack of legal walls" What's wrong with using canvas on an easel to be artistic on?


Black art's $100m price tag, graffiti hits NSW councils


(highlight whole link and drag into browser)


June 27th, 2009

This page was first posted last week

Do Politicians really care about us?

utegate scandal rudd utegate turnbull utegate hockey utegate
swan utegate

The alledged ute gate email, is it a fake or can a minister ask for help on behalf of others?

" Hi Godwin, the PM has asked if the car dealer financing vehicle is available to assist a Queensland dealership, John Grant Motors, who seems to be having trouble getting finance."

On behalf of all young children in Australia I emailed (3 times) all 150 Federal Politicians for an opinion about inappropriate "longer lasting sex" advertising.
I thought an email an from our responsible leaders could have been sent to the minister in charge of media regulations Senator Conroy along these lines:

" Hi Stephen,
We've had a bloke pestering us about those "lasting longer in the bedroom" ads, could you get someone to have a look at them, to see if the wording can be made more "child friendly," or at least get them on after hours."

Maybe I should have added a cash donation (or a ute)

The full story (up till now) on www.protectkids.com.au

Graffiti again

June 26th, 2009

After a two page spread in the Leader on June 16 about "over zealous" parking rangers.
I emailed the letters page:

----- Original Message -----
From: stephens1510
To: leaderletters@fairfaxmedia.com.au
Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 9:29 PM
Subject: Fines and graffiti

Dear sir,
The subject of supposed "revenue raising" by "over zealous" law enforcement council parking rangers this time, fills two pages of the Leader. (June 16)
One story "Charities denied parking revenue" says that the $207,000 unexpected revenue collected in fines by Sutherland Shire rangers won't go to charities, as suggested by Sutherland Shire Councillor Kent Johns, to show that there's no revenue raising.
As charities miss out, could I make a suggestion, is it possible that a couple of hundred dollars of that $207,000 windfall be spent to paint the wall opposite the main entrance to the Council depot in The Boulevard Kirrawee.
Every morning the diligent hard working posse of rangers have to look at that unsightly mess as they leave the depot in their little vans, to go and do their thankless job on behalf of us ratepayers.
Graffiti is best covered as soon as possible to deter other offenders, and I'm sure the proceeds of one "double parking" fine could be spared to tidy up the street-scape outside the depot.
The wall is a good hundred meters long and looks dreadful . Even if the owner of the building won't paint it, the council in the public interest should, as it makes the whole area look bad.

Hans Stephens

And included this photo

apart from the "diligent hardworking" line the letter was printed.

People that park contrary to the signs and get fined only have themselves to blame, but for the rangers to drive out past this mess every day and go ato nab someone who has parked facing the wrong way in some quiet back street, it's eary to work out which illegal activity raises the most money for council.

$207.000 could pay a fair bit of nighttime stakeouts at graffiti hot
spots to catch more of those mongrels.


June 19th, 2009

A meeting was had with the new (current at the moment) roads minister Daley at Peter Olsen's original lights at Peakhurst.


Notice how the lights actually "flash," not the on........off way that most of the RTA's preferred one's do.

Tale of two carparks

June 17th, 2009

The corruption in RailCorp continues with ICAC exposing another bribery scheme.

How many more RailCorp employees are sucking at the budget?

I pointed out the obvious waste of resources at Cronulla Railway Station and was dealt "spin" (See "RailCorp waste" category for copies of emails and letters.)

The 12 security cameras in the 30 space staff car park are all still there.

At 11.45am this morning there were 6 cars there, that's 2 cameras each.

At the Sutherland Railway station commuter car park that has space for 400 cars there are 16 cameras and there is no 8 foot steel security fence around it.

At 12.15pm today there was one vacant space on the top floor.

This is a carpark where a woman was raped in broad daylight.

Wheel clamp lesson.

June 16th, 2009

An idea I rang and suggested to "Stay Safe" committee chairman Paul Gibson MP on 2/2/06 about wheel-clamping cars at owner's house (See "P Plate driver crisis" category) has finally happened.

I also rang the Australian Pedestrian Council's Mr Scruby about this idea.


Confiscating a car and taking it to a compound or warehouse as they were doing, is not only expensive, but the car wheel-clamped at the drivers home is a continual reminder to the owner of the consequences of wrong doing.

Bulk billing

June 12th, 2009

The "fairer" new-demerit-points-scheme-for-nsw-goes-easy-on-drivers
has been fast tracked for July 1


But does this scheme help drivers at school zones?
Cruising through a school zone without the warning flashing lights at the normal posted speed outside school zone time will cost a lot more as well as the demerit points

More speed cameras

June 10th, 2009

In The Daily Telegraph 10/06/09

What "new technologies" could be used to rein in speeding drivers?

What about the "point to point cameras" (to be used only for trucks), for all drivers?

More speed cameras that only catch the unwary average driver.

What about tripling the Highway Patrol and all new cars to be unmarked, ......there's a novel idea.

No, speed cameras work 24 hours , don't need superannuation, sick leave or annual leave.

A small story now, but one that can have a big impact later.

Gordon Ramsay a rant or a setup for ratings?

June 7th, 2009

Now it's that role model cook Gordon Ramsay's turn to outdo the Chaser show.


Last week it was the Chaser TV show crossing all decent boundaries with their sketch.

www.defamer.com.au/2009/06/the-chaser-anger-the-public-with-their-chaser-style-prank/ -

The Chaser people as a punishment were taken off the air for two weeks. . So their show has been delayed two weeks ....what a

So what will happen to Mr Ramsay?

Channel 9 CEO David Gyngell has "spoken" to Ramsay, but will he cancel his show as he should, or delay it two weeks.

The question is, do ratings and money come first, and the whole thing was a set up to help both the ACA and Hells Kitchen ratings, or will Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen" be cancelled, to show that this sort of humour is never acceptable.

Why do I care, see my other website www.protectkids.com.au


June 7th, 2009

From the Daily Telegraph 5/6/09

Is this the excuse the RTA is looking for to bring in more speed cameras and using the "point to point" speed cameras, on all vehicles

www.nswalp.com/blog/730/point-to-point-cameras-to-reduce-heavy-vehicle-fatalities -

Drivers that think that road rules are for other people need to be targeted, but there people have GPS to warn when to momentarially to slow down at the camera sites.


Not knowing that speeding past that "ordinary" sedan, (that is fact a Highway Patrol car) and you will your license, IS a deterrent!!!!!

and after an average driver gets booked a few km/h over the limit, takes it to court,and the jugde agrees that the booking was unfair and dis misses ths the fine what happens?

www.theherald.com.au/blogs/jeff-corbett/rta-arrogance/1173111.aspx -

the RTA is above the law.

Tina Sanger NSW Ministerial advisor

May 30th, 2009

This woman with virtually no qualifications, in 8 months went from a telephonist to be a ministerial advisor in the NSW government.

(drag full link into browser)

As I'm unqualified, I'm therefore qualified to be a ministerial advisor,
As my appointment hasn't come through as yet:

Here's some free advice.

For the Roads Minister,

(1) Use the proven Olsen flashing light technology at school zones
(2) Have both speeds posted in school zones. eg

(3) Instead of more speed cameras, triple the Highway Patrol using unmarked cars.

For the Police Minister

On the graffiti curse.

Set up a compound out west somewhere similar to that of Sheriff Joe Arpaio


Graffiti "artists" when caught,(to send a message that this destructive activity has consequence,) get a sentence where these vandals have to spend a month cleaning graffiti off continually resprayed brick walls.
Refusal to work incurres an extra day to sentence.

For the Transport Minister,

Get RailCorp to get most of the security cameras at Cronulla staion removed

4 of the 12 cameras and the 24 hr security guard.... for a carpark????

The explanation RailCorp CEO gave me why there are 12 security cameras in the 30 car space Cronulla Station staff car park proves that he doesn't care about wasting money. (see "RailCorp Waste" category)

(to be continued)


May 24th, 2009

This is the latest brainwave to try and fix the school zone problem?


What would work better to tell a drivers WHEN it's school zone time?


Or (b)

This is one of Peter Olsen's "home made" flashing lights doing what's needed in Peakhurst.

$14 million dollars to paint triangles that will wear and fade and will not work effectively.

Drivers can't see three signs leading up to a speed camera, why would dragon teeth work?



24 May 2009


School zone lights campaigner Peter Olsen has today slammed the government over its proposal to spend $13M painting new road markings around school zones.

The Government has completely lost the plot on school zones. Static markings, including the proposed new "dragon's teeth" achieve nothing because they do not distinguish between school zone hours and non-school zone hours. The proposal is a criminal waste of taxpayer's money, especially during a recession.

If a responsible driver drives through a certain school zone every day at say 7.45am, he becomes conditioned to ignore it, dragon's teeth or not. If he is delayed in traffic once a month and drives through at 8.05am, there is nothing to warn him. As a result he becomes a threat to children and a convenient revenue source for the Government.

If the school zone instead has flashing lights, drivers are instantly reminded and can slow down, but then of course the Government can no longer collect speeding fine revenue from them.

It is obvious that the Premier does not drive and it would appear that the Roads Minister has also forgotten what it is like. Any driver asked will say that flashing lights are the only effective warning system.

For what the Government intends to waste on pointless road markings they could install five flashing light signs at every single school in NSW, if they were to adopt more cost effective technology.

The RTA has been given the technology to use for nothing. RTA figures show that is more reliable and more effective at reducing speed than the RTA's own lights, yet still they refuse to use it, preferring instead to waste taxpayers' money on ineffective road markings.

For more information contact Peter Olsen, 0414-538-404.


A press conference was held with all the big wigs adorned in fluro safety gear announcing this great initiative while watching triangles being painted on a road.

Forget the paint brushes, flashing lights are the only real solution.

THE rollout continues.

May 19th, 2009

Peter Olsen is beavering away installing his "check speed" flashing lights at school zones.

Big deal.... all you do is put a post in the ground, pour in a bit of quick set concrete, add the lights and presto.

If only it was that simple.

What about the hours needed to select sites and then persuade homeowners to allow the light/sign units in their front yard.

Every driver passing through the schoolzone with Peter's lights would appreciate the fact that are there, but how many of these drivers would allow them in their front yard.




15 May 2009


School zone lights campaigner Peter Olsen today announced that school zone flashing lights have been installed at Denistone East Public School.

I recently announced that Ryde Council had approved the installation of privately funded flashing lights. The first set of lights has now gone live, at Denistone East Public School.

The P&C had contacted the local member, Victor Dominello, about the possibility of having flashing lights installed on Lovell Rd. Mr Dominello in turn contacted me and arrangements were made to install the lights. Installation commenced as soon as Council approval was received.

Home owners in the vicinity of other schools in the area have been canvassed in relation to hosting signs on their properties. It is anticipated that the installation of lights at several of those schools will commence shortly.

For more information contact Peter Olsen, 0414-538-404.


No doubt the thought in RTA headquarters is that Peter will eventually give up.

I don't think so.

Someone who spent countless hours on his Christmas light show (google Lurgano xmas lights ) is not one to give up go away.

Back to base.

May 1st, 2009

I did some work in Cedar st Lurgano earlier this week, and passed through two school zones that have Peter Olsen's "home made" flashing lights telling all and sundry that it was school zone time.

These cheap lights have been working flawlessly much to the delight of locals and through traffic alike, for over two and a half years.

This afternoon I passed by one of the RTA favoured systems in Taren Point rd and took this photo.

The overhead flashing light unit was out... AGAIN (see category "About faulty flashing lights")

Luckily there is a spare independent unit as backup, and as the RTA favoured systems have the handy fault reporting "back to base" feature it should be repaired soon .....

The one that was working does so at a pathetically slow rate.

They flash too slowly to attract attention.

Maybe the thinking is that if it flashes slowly the bulb's last longer.

The snowball is getting bigger.

April 29th, 2009

There are people that enthusiastically start on a well intentioned mission, and after a while the whole idea becomes too hard, and they do what everybody expects them to do, give up and fade away.
Not our Peter Olsen, he knows what he is doing he is right. He has proved that cheap effective flashing warning lights can be installed at school zones.

The RTA thought he would go away.

From the Newcastle Herald.


Hunter parents sick of waiting for school lights
29/04/2009 4:00:00 AM

HUNTER parents fed up with waiting for the State Government to install flashing lights outside school zones are paying to install their own sets.

Minmi Public School this week became the first school in the region to have lights independently installed in time for the start of term two.

The move has been backed by the Parents and Citizens Association Hunter Council, and other schools are expected to follow Minmi's lead.

Earlier this month it was revealed fewer than one in 10 Hunter school zones was fitted with flashing lights to alert drivers of the 40 kmh speed limit.

Parents and Citizens Association Hunter Council member Clarice Hamling took up the cause after growing frustrated with attempts to get flashing lights at schools.

She got the signs from a Sydney firm and secured support from Newcastle and Maitland councils.

The signs read "check speed" and have flashing lights, but are not official RTA signs.

LIFE IN THE SLOW LANE: Clarice Hamling, Jodie Cartwright and Emily, 9, and Evan Clarke, 8, below the new lights installed near Minmi Public School yesterday.- Picture by Kitty Hill

Schools wanting to install the signs must get permission to erect them on nearby private properties as they are not allowed to use RTA land.

Parents at Minmi Public School were keen to get the signs after the RTA said the street outside their school was not busy enough to qualify for them even though it is a main road.

The school also has a crossing just over the top of a blind crest that is used by many of its 116 students.

Trucks regularly travel the road to and from a coalmine and quarry.

Parents and Citizens Association president Jenny Clarke said drivers would drive past at more than 60 kmh, even though outside the 40 kmh zone the limit was 50 kmh.

"There have been many near misses," she said.

The NSW Government has promised 400 sets in NSW over the next four years, including nine in the Hunter.

Schools with inquiries can phone: 0419 601 322.

Lights man riles RTA

April 20th, 2009

From the Fairfield City Champion. ( 8/04/2009 )

" PETER Olsen is a man on a mission to light up the lives of drivers passing schools.

The 51-year-old grandfather, a former computer programmer, is working towards reducing the number of road accidents in school zones in the area by having set up 11 flashing signs for motorists passing school zones.

They are at Fairfield West and Canley Heights public schools on the Cumberland Highway, Bossley Park High School on Prairievale Road, and Cartwright and Green Valley primary schools in the Liverpool area. And Mr Olsen would like to install another five.

The lights have been funded by Brydens Law Group, Liverpool, whose staff had read about Mr Olsen's work in other Sydney suburbs."

" An RTA spokesman said such lights would not have cost the RTA $1.5million and they did not meet standards.

They were too small, could be obscured by shrubbery, are difficult to see from the road, run off a power cord from private homes, carry only a single message, do not alert motorists to school zones."

Well Mr RTA spokesperson if you swallowed your pride and use the technology that Peter gave you for free, the same technology that has worked flawlessly for years at Lurgano/Peakhurst schools keeping the kids safe, then he wouldn't be doing your job.

This is a Olsen flashing light set working in Peakhurst.
NB. the cars's brake lights.

Of course the lights Peter is installing now are on private property, and for the best effect need to be on the school zone signs, but the RTA would send 10 blokes in three trucks to tear them down as they did before, untill adverse publicity and 2GB's Alan Jones got involved.

"could be obscured by shrubbery," is one reason to rubbish Peter's CHECK SPEED lights.

From this website archives 16/01/07

"This one with the young trees in front (which will only grow bigger), hide this even more expensive flashing light set, and on the road divider is, you guessed it, another sign, highly visible from way up the road.( even back as far as Park St.)

A close up of this sign is a couple of pages back

What can I say.

The RTA did solve the above obscuring tree problem, they took an axe to them very soon after I mentioned it.

The RTA is moving from Surrey Hills to North Sydney and are spending a reported $1,000.000, yes 0ne million on new chairs.

http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/800608/rta-spends-23-million-on-office move

Peter Olsen askes a question in today's press realease



20 April 2009


one of these.

or one of these.


Peter has been busy

April 15th, 2009

Last December Peter Olsen said to the Roads Minister that he would put up his warning lights at school zones and true to his word in sun and rain he is doing just that.


Campaigner shines light on road safety

BY JIM GAINSFORD St George and Sutherland Shire Leader
15/04/2009 4:00:00 AM

SCHOOL Zone lights campaigner Peter Olsen has installed a set of his homemade school zone flashing lights outside Brighton-Le-Sands Public School at the request of the school's P&C.

The lights have been installed on private property at either end of the school zone in Crawford Road so they can't be removed by the RTA.

P&C president Chris Lloyd said the school community felt more secure now the lights had been installed.

"The lights will alert drivers that they are entering a school zone and to take care,'' he said.

"That's all we ask.''

Mr Olsen has also installed 11 sets of his lights in the western suburbs and has orders for another 10 sets.

He also has orders from Newcastle and Lismore.

"In St George I've got approval from home-owners to install the lights on private property at each end of the school zone on Bay Street Brighton, at West Botany Street, Rockdale, and at Forest Road, Arncliffe.

"I'm now looking for sponsorship from local businesses of $1000 per sign.

"Once installed they will cost the grand total of 70 cents per year to run which covers electricity and maintenance.''

Mr Olsen said his original signs at Peakhurst and Lugarno had been running for more than two years with zero maintenance cost and 100 per cent reliability.

"The RTA has said its lights cost $13,000 each but they are spending $46.5million for 400 school zones equalling $58,000 per sign.''

An RTA spokesman said it prioritised locations for flashing lights on a risk basis based on crash history, prevailing speed limit, existing road safety measures and the visibility of the school from road.

``RTA flashing lights have been evaluated and selected for reliability and effectiveness and have a back to base component that immediately notifies the RTA of failures therefore reducing the potential risk to students,'' the spokesman said.

Businesses can sponsor Mr Olsen's school zone flashing lights by contacting him on 0414538404 or at www.



ICAC probes RTA's corruption

April 2nd, 2009

From today's Telegraph

ICAC probes RTA's corruption

A STRING of senior RTA executives, including former CEO Les Wielinga, were named in a NSW Ombudsman report which has been referred to the state's corruption watchdog.

Google "icac railcorp" too, and see how our taxes are wasted there, and see my "Railcorp waste" category for a bit of Cronulla mismanagement of taxpayer funds.


April 1st, 2009

An email from Bill,

----- Original Message -----
From: "Bill"

Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2009 9:52 PM
Subject: Olsen Lights at Fairfield West

> Hi Santa
> Not sure what you and Mr Olsen are doing here.

> I have a close relationship with the incident at Fairfield West Public School yesterday and I am concerned that you may not be telling everybody the complete truth about Mr Olsens fabulous "lights".
> I went out to see Mr Olsen install his lights today (as he promised)and there was no sign of him all afternoon. I really wanted to meet him and discuss his ideas.
> Are these lights actually installed in the areas that he stated in his release or is this another media hype?
> The only person I saw all day was an RTA fellow who was very wet from standing in the rain watching the traffic and making notes.
> At least the RTA made an effort to turn up and investigate what had happened to the child yesterday.
> I think for the moment, I'll stay with the RTA flashing lights. They seem to actually care about the public. Mr Olsen was nowhere to be seen today despite his media statements and promises.
> **This messages was sent via the email form on your blog.**


Thanks for your email Bill.

You wrote "Not sure what you and Mr Olsen are doing here." assuming perhaps that Peter and I are out to get into the public purse, far from it, we're into common sense

I reason I dressed up a in a Santa suit at school zones, was to try an publicise the need for flashing lights at school zones to help make drivers aware of WHEN it's school zone time.

The fact that that the school zone variable speed cameras at Kogarah made $6.5 million in one year (2003/2004) in fines, proves something wasn't working.

I stood in my santa suit morning and afternoon at the Kogarah school zone all February '05 (see archives) willingly, and again at that bullshit school zone at Beverly Hills, at my own cost to prove a point.

Peter Olsen saw that the RTA was spending millions on a few fancy flashing lights units, and he proved AT HIS OWN EXPENCE in Lurgano and Peakhurst, that he could do the same job (slowing drivers in school zones) at a fraction of the cost of those used by the RTA.

By the way I would assume the RTA man you mention taking notes yesterday was being well paid for his time.

Why do something like taking notes in the rain AFTER an accident, put up cheap lights at all schools and help PREVENT accidents.

No that's too easy.

Peter installed flashing lights at five schools originally, which the RTA tore down, only then being forced to leave up when Alan Jones had the roads Minister Mr Roozendaal on his show.

The style of lights working at Peakhurst, the technology Peter Olsen gave to the RTA, that they won't use for some reason.

Peter proved that lights don't have to cost millions to do the same job as cheaper versions.

Peter gave the technology at no cost for the RTA to use, but I have a suspicion that because Peter embarrassed the RTA in having to leave them at the Lurgano/Peakhurst schools, they won't use his idea on principle.

So the RTA is putting up their over priced, over engineered lights (see about Category "about faulty flashing lights") at 100 schools a year so that means at that rate my great great grandchildren might see the last school in NSW get them.

I say might, because our current Roads Minister said that "too many flashing lights desensitize drivers."

I was there when he made this statement at Peakhurst Dec.08

Even though Peter wasn't there yesterday, there would be a good reason, rest assured that he is only trying to make school zones safer for kids and better for drivers, not to line his pockets.

I'm sure if you email Peter see www.schoolzonelights.com.au he'll answer any questions you have.


Update April 2
An email from Bill


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Sent: Thursday, April 02, 2009 4:13 PM
Subject: Re: Olsen Lights at Fairfield West

Thanks Hans

Good talking with you.
I'll have a look at Peter's website as well.