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One day too late.

March 31st, 2009
30 March 2009 NEAR TRAGEDY IN SCHOOL ZONE SCHEDULED FOR FLASING LIGHTS In a media release issued last Monday, school zone lights campaigner Peter Olsen revealed the names of the first 5 schools to receive private flashing lights thanks to sponsorship by… more »

We have a problem

March 29th, 2009
I'm sorry this website has developed a problem where images aren't appearing on pages. You might see a little red cross in a box instead. Kerry is at this moment diligently working away rectifying this glitch. Thanks Kerry. more »

www.schoolzonelights .com .au news release

March 24th, 2009
N E W S R E L E A S E NEXT 5 SCHOOLS SELECTED FOR FLASHING LIGHTS Tuesday 24 March 2009 School zone lights campaigner Peter Olsen today announced the next 5 school zones to be fitted with flashing lights as part of the private school zone lights… more »

We are not alone

March 22nd, 2009
In the Graffiti category I posted a bit about a shop wall in Kirrawee, where a mural has been painted in a graffiti style. Well it appears I'm not the only one that thinks this "mural" is inappropriate as a graffiti deterrent. Maybe now it will be… more »

The mess that is School zones

March 11th, 2009
Today Tonight on Ch 7 there was an item about school zones, which backs Peter Olsen's "40kmh anomalies" on where he points out what a mess school… more »

March 9th, 2009
Council Desperation These two photos show the lengths that some Councils are going to in an attempt to protect school children in their area. The phone number on the trailer is that of Bankstown City Council. From my email inbox I thought that I'd let… more »

Good for some.

March 2nd, 2009
Today the NSW Road Minister Mr Dalley announced a new "fairer" demerit point system.,22049,25123834-5001021,00.html (highlight whole link and drag into browser) Proposed new points system Up to 10 km/h 1… more »