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Keep it simple stupid.

March 30th, 2006
This afternoon there was a bit of school zone common sense on afternoon Talkback on 2GB. A well known gentleman from Lurgano came on the radio and he has been able to price a school zone flashing light system for $174 that the RTA say will cost them… more »

Speed camera troubles

March 23rd, 2006
The RTA went to the supreme court to appeal against a lower court finding that a speed camera speeding fine was invalid. The driver was adamant that he wasn't speeding and disputed the fine. The RTA with all its fancy expensive lawyers lost the appeal… more »

I'm still here

March 8th, 2006
Nothing new to report on the school zone issue. The road news at the fore, is about the Cross city tunnel where they have halved the toll to try and get drivers to use it and it hasn't made much difference. Oh dear they can't be making much of a profit,… more »